Saturday, January 28, 2012

365 Pictures week 4 22-28 Jan

Another week has come & gone.  I didn't get a picture taken everyday, even though I thought I did.  I guess time went by too fast.  Here is my week......

Sunday 22 January
Okay, this is becoming my normal weekly pic for Sunday, how far have I progressed on my cross stitch project.  It is getting there & I'm enjoying my relaxing time while doing this.

Monday 23 January
No picture.

Tuesday 24 January
I did take a picture today, but decided to post the following instead -
This picture was taken March 1991.  In the picture is Bethany Rogers, her three kids & my oldest son Wood. They are from left to right the kids - Courtney (now 25), my son Wood (now 21), Daniel (now 22) & Timothy (now 24) & of course one of the most loving, wonderful example of a Christian lady Bethany.  Tonight Bethany lost her battle with cancer & went to be with Jesus.  The last time I saw Bethany was in 2001.  She lived in California & our course I live in Missouri.  I will miss her greatly.  God used her in my life at a time I need a loving, understanding & wise Christian "Big Sis".  This is what her daughter posted on Facebook when she passed - 
Freedom has never felt so sweet. She is free. She is free. Free from pain, free of tears, & free of sin.  She is free to worship, free to sing, free to praise & walk with God.  She is whole, she is happy, her future is eternal.  She is in heaven with Jesus.

Wednesday 25 January
I have refilled my bird feeders to help them out during winter time.  Of course the squirrels have found them too & are very happy for a feel easy meal

Hummmm lets see what is for lunch today???

Found something good to much on.
Thursday 26 January
No picture

Friday 27 January
 Left last night with this sweet girl Paytience Markle to go to College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri 4 1/2 hours south east of us.  She had an interview this morning at 8:30am & a tour of the college at 3:30pm.  Her mom couldn't make time take her, so she asked me since my son goes there.  I said sure & the road trip began.  We had a good time & the interview went well.  We will know if she is accepted in March.
Paytience sitting at the fountain outside the Keater Center at College of the Ozarks.

My son Josh & one of his favorite dairy cows.  My son is a sophomore at College of the Ozarks.  He works in the dairy barn.  At College of the Ozarks, there is no tuition instead all of the students work 15 hrs per week plus two 40 hour weeks during breaks at  work stations around the college to pay for their tuition.  C of O (short name) has 80 plus work stations, like maintenance, administration, dairy barn, cake & jelly shop, child development center, their lodge/hotel & restaurant to name a few.

Saturday 28 January
No picture tonight, instead I came home from my weekend trip to deal with a dryer breaking (it died completely) & my oldest son's car breaking down on his way back to work tomorrow & to his college.  Praise the Lord, he broke down 3 blocks from home.  I gave him my jeep & we called AAA to tow his car.  Haiti is really looking good tonight.

Well, that is my week.  I leave for Haiti this coming Wednesday so will miss posting next week but will be back for posting on 12 Feb.  Talk to ya in two weeks.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

365 Pictures week 3 15-21 Jan

Another week....

Sunday 15 January
Another peaceful, restful Sunday.  We went to church, took the guest pastor out to lunch, who happened to be one of our son's professor from this last semester.  Didn't know that until we were head to the restaurant. Had a great meal, nice visit, then the pastor headed home & so did we.  The stress of this week must have caught up to me because I took an hour & a half nap.  That is not normal.  Then back to church & then home, cross-stitch time & a little Netflix to relax before bed.  Here is my progress on my cross-stitch.  Not as much as last week but did add some more.

Monday 16 January
I started my walking goal today.  I was able to walk 15min on my Bowflex tred climber. YEAH!!!  I do get board walking & listening to music sometimes helps pass the time but sometimes doesn't.  So I decided to watch a little TV.  This past week I received the following DVD set in the mail for me to try. 
I LOVE Women of Faith!!!!  This DVD has six 30 min. devotions from the speakers from past conferences.  So this DVD will be come my walking DVD for a little while.  Since I'm going to keep this, I pay for it & will get another one in about 4 weeks.  Today was Pasty Clairmont.  Listening to her talk, joke & teach really made my walking time go by quickly.  Thanks Lord, I needed this

Tuesday 17 January
I woke up this morning around 1:00am to the sound of an ice storm.  It iced off & on, little pellets & enough to make the streets slick, so I'm staying home this morning can't get to my tutoring job.  This also means my high schooler that comes in the afternoon for tutoring will not make it either.  So today's project is getting ready for my Haiti trip.  I'm in charge of our traveling VBS.  For 4 days the team will travel to 4 different villiages & have VBS in the morning.  One of my main jobs is crafts.  These gloves will be come wordless puppets.  It is like the wordless books using a glove & pom poms.  I'm putting the eyes on the pom poms today because our VBS will be outside on the ground & though it would easier for the kids.  They will get to attach the pom pom to each finger as I explain what each color means.

Wednesday 18 January
Today I spent the day as substitute secretary at our church.  That means I sat all day in an office & answered the phone (if it rang), messed on the computer, read, cross-stitch & anything else I could find to keep me busy for 9 hours.  It is nice to have a day like this where I can relax, do nothing & not feel guilty. (he, he).
Here is one of my what I call my "Growth" books (books that make me grow spiritually) Catching fireflies by Patsy Clairmont.  I'm really enjoying this book. 

 By the way it is on my new Nook Color I got for Christmas & Anniversary (two days before Christmas).  I love it!!!  I'm reading 4 different books & they are all on thing.  It is sooooooo nice.

Thursday 19 January
I tried a new chicken recipe & we like it.  The recipe is at It is called Honey baked Chicken.

I also saw these cupcakes on Pintrest.  They have an Oreo cookie in the bottom.  I thought I would make them & we loved them.  We used the new Triple, Double Chocolate Oreo.  Basically put one Oreo cookie in the bottom of each cupcake paper.  Make a white cake mix according to the package, then add some crushed up Oreo & bake according to package.  Frost the cupcakes when they are cool & sprinkle some of the crushed up Oreo on top.

Friday 20 January
My oldest son & I went to Winter Jam in Des Moines to help work at the Teen Missions International Booth.  It was a lot of fun & the concert was great too.
My son, Wood,  telling a lady about Teen Missions

Me at the table

Our crew of volunteer workers

Group 1 Crew

Peter Furler & Phil Joel

Sanctus Real

Toby Mac

Saturday 21 January
Kids getting their supper

Our Teenage helpers
Parents Night Out at church.  The parents at our church can drop their kids off for 2 hours for free babysitting tonight.  We feed them supper & then they get to watch a movie.  Supper was hot dogs, chili, pop & ice cream.  The movie choices for tonight were Apple Dumpling Gang & the 3rd Narnia Movie Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I was on of the baby sitters.  We had about 15 kids & 6 youth (to help babysit).  It was a great night.

Well that is my week.  A lot better week than last week.  Can't believe we only have one full week left of January.  That also means in one week & 3 days I will be heading to Haiti for a mission trip.  Can't wait. Have a great week.