Saturday, April 7, 2012

365 Pictures week 13-14; 25 March - 7 April

Hello ladies,
Well, I missed last week.  It just flew by & I could catch it.  I also did not get too many pictures taken last week, not sure why, it is a mystery. So I will be posting two weeks to play catch up.  Here we go. . .

Sunday 25 March
no picture

Monday 26 March
I have two today to make up for missing yesterday.  This is a tree we planted in the back yard.  I don't know what type it is but I love the pink blossom in the spring time

Having fun with my camera & love the tiny blossom

Tuesday 27 March
I saw this Easter centerpiece/decoration you can make & decided to try.  It is a flower pot bottom tray, with a half small flower pot buried in dirt & grass seed.  The rock & one big rock that has been rolled away because Jesus has arose.  Of course three cross on the hill made of twigs & yarn.  Here is my Easter decoration at all put together.  Now to keep the cats out of it.

Wednesday - Friday 28 - 30 March
no picture

Saturday 31 March
I was invited to a friend's daughter's, Katie, bridal shower.  I will be taking the pictures for Katie's wedding in June.  I took my camera (of course) & am glad I did.  Everyone including Katie forgot to bring their camera & were going to try to take some pictures on cell phones instead.  Aaaaaaaaaah.  I told Katie I would take them for her for free.  Everyone needs a memory of their bridal shower.
Miss Katie & her new pamper chef mixing bowl.  YEAH!!!

Sunday 1 April
Good morning world.  I liked how the sun was peeking out behind my neighbor's house this morning as it was coming up.

Monday 2 April
A friend from church took me to have my first ever pedicure.  I loved it!!!!  I will be having more in the future.

 Tuesday 3 April
My grass has grown on my Easter centerpiece.  Now I need to mow the lawn/hill so you can see the crosses.

I went mushroom hunting with my hubby this evening on our farm.  I was snapping pictures & thought this was a neat looking, rustic pic.  

Wednesday 4 April
I worked from 5:00am - 7:15pm at the voting polls today.  It was a slow day, not much to vote on.  This provided with plenty of time to finally finish my bird cross stitch.  I took this picture on Friday because I forgot to take one today.  So here it is
Close up to read the verse
I think I'm going to make it into a pillow.

Thursday 5 April

We bought a sleeping/grooming mat for our cats to use.  It has a soft but bumpy side that pulls the loose cat hair off the cats when they roll around on it.  It is full of cat nip, so it attracts the cats.  I said we bought ONE, but started having cat fights over the one, so  my hubby spoiled the babies & bought two more.  All three spoiled kitties sleeping on the mats.

Friday 6 April
I started a new cross stitch tonight.  You will have to wait & see what it is going to be. . .  :-)

Saturday 7 April
 My son Josh is home for Easter.  He is trying to do his homework, & getting some help from Fuzzy.  Motor is using him as a cuddle buddy. The cats really miss their big brother when he is gone.

Well, that is my two weeks.  Have a blessed, wonderful Easter.