Sunday, June 3, 2012

365 Pictures week 22 27 May - 2 June 2012

Yeah, I got a picture taken for every day this week!!!  It was a busy week but a fun one too.  Here is my week. . .

Sunday 27, May

The boys are home together for a week.  Josh's works at his school's dairy barn & is use to being busy everyday.  Today after church we were able to stay home & just rest (YEAH!!!) Josh was bored by the evening time & so started to entertain himself & the rest of the family.  First he typed his status on Facebook with his toes, then next moved on to trying to type & send a text message with his feet/toes.  By the way, he has what I call "Monkey Toes" about a long & bony as a person's finger, born that way.  Here is Josh texting with his feet/toes - managed to typed the word "You" in about 7 min. & worked up a good sweat doing it.  He never sent it though.

Monday 28 May

I worked on getting Josh packed for his mission trip to Germany.  He needed a new dish bag as the one we have been passing from family member to family member for 7 years, died after Wood's Russia trip.  So I found this Mizzou material & made his dish bag today.

Tuesday 29 May

We are in the process of getting a new couch.  First we had to move the old hide-a-bed out of the guest room, which meant the couch/recliner sectional had to be moved in the living room, so the hide-a-bed could go out the front door.  The couch/recliner sectional has not been moved in 7 years, when we first redid the living room with new carpet & furniture.

YUCK!!!! Look what the couch/recliner did to my carpet!  Not a happy person right now, so I got to work

First I used the brush thingy you see in the back of this picture that has a can of Resolved Pet stain remover in it.  I love this stuff, easy to use & great on cleaning up & removing cat barf.  It did pretty good on the stains, but not good enough.

Next I used Scotchgard Oxy Carpet Cleaner, which you have to get on your hands & knees & scrub but it was worth it did a great job.  Yes there are some light stains, but when we get our living room professionally cleaned, I hoping it will get rid of what is left.  Now I will be buying some of that plastic carpet runner stuff to put under my couch/recliner before it goes back in this spot.  By the way, this took most of the morning.

Wednesday 30 May

Today was one of those days, that nothing caught my eye to take pictures of.  I cleaned the house, worked on the checkbook, etc.  But yesterday was full of pictures so I thought I would share a couple more with you from Tuesday.  Two weeks ago I took some ball pictures of little girls from my Awana Sparks class.  Well, one of the girls oldest brother was playing ball & I was invited to the game & of course I volunteered to take some pictures.  Ended up two other boys from church were playing to, so here are the pictures I took.
This is Holden during warm-up catching a pop fly & yes, he did catch it.

Timothy started out as catcher & then later was in center field & pitcher.  This is the boy who invited us to the game

This is my husband, Stephen's 3rd cousin 2x removed. His name is Marshall & he was playing on the other team, so we had to cheer for both sides.  Stephen's Great, Great Grandfather is Marshall's Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.  Yes, I love family genealogy.

Thursday 31 May

Can you believe May is over?!?!  We are almost have way through the year!!!  Today I was baking muffins for Stephen & my son Wood to have while I'm gone on my mission trip in two weeks.  I tried a new recipe that a friend made at church for women's Bible study.  These are Butterscotch muffins & are wonderfully good.  I have already posted the recipe at my recipe blog

Friday 1 June

Tonight I took pictures at a wedding rehearsal.  Tomorrow I will be taking pictures for the wedding.   I thought this little ring bearer & flower girl were so cute.  They didn't know each other, the boy is from the bride's side of the family & the girl the groom's side, but they were best friends by the end of the night.  The ring bearer broke his collar bone the beginning of the week by jumping on the couch.

Saturday 2 June

Okay, my second time being the official photographer for a wedding.  I was nervous but it all went well.  The groom was eager for lots of pictures but the bride didn't want that many & we almost didn't get the basics done, but everything turn out well in the end.
This is the best picture of the ring bearer.  He did great for pictures at the beginning & was then only one avaiable at the time.  Then he went running through the church & fell hitting his broken collar bone with out the brace on & he was not in the mood for pictures the rest of the time.  He did make it down the isle with his dad walking beside him.

That is my week.  It was fun & busy.  Talk to ya next week.