Monday, April 18, 2011

365 Pictures 10-16 April 2011

My oh my where has this week gone!!??  I had some great days to get pictures & some interesting days to try to get pictures. So here we go...... my little week.

Sunday 10 April
Sunday the winds got up to 50mph.  I was sitting in my dining room, we had the front door in the living room open & all of a sudden we heard a very loud "THUMP".  This starling was blown into our screen down, dazed & stuck.  Of course I yell to my husband, don't unstick him until I get a picture.  After I took the picture, the bird freed himself & flew away.

Monday 11 April
It is planting time.  Now it the time to be very careful on these country roads are you will be coming upon farm machinery going very slow.  I'm on my way to Women's Bible Study at church Monday morning when I get stuck behind a farmer about a mile outside of town.  We were going about 5 mph when I took this picture.  This is planter that can plant about 200some acres being pulled by a tractor.

Made it past the planter & about 10 miles down the road here comes another tractor pulling a field cultivator, but I can get ahead of him just in time to get behind.....

a truck pulling a anhydrous applicator.  This puts liquid nitrogen into the ground.  I was blessed to be on a straight way with passing zone, so I could pass him too & continue to Bible study only 2 min. late.

Tuesday 12 April
First - Happy 25th Anniversary to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law (my husband's brother) Glenda & David Marshall

Tomorrow will be our niece Ali's 7th birthday.  I went to St Joseph & picked her up after school to go birthday shopping for the first time just she & I.  We brought a "Dr. Barbie" with two babies in a little set.  We also had to buy a Ken doll because as Ali put it "I cannot have a Barbie with babies because I don't have a boy Barbie.  You cannot have a job & babies without having a Daddy, it just not done."
After present shopping & picking out the theme of the cake I would be making her next Saturday, we went to IHOP for supper.  She had never been there & was very surprised to see the size of her "CHILDREN'S" chocolate-chocolate chip smile face pancake.  This look of pure happiness was priceless.  So was the look on her mom's face when I dropped her off, told her what she ate & produced the leftovers for her breakfast tomorrow.

On the way back home (1hr 15min. drive) the sun was setting & really neat looking.  I must admit I'm proud of the this picture because I just took my camera & pointed it to the side mirror while keeping my eyes on the road.  I didn't look to the side at all & wonder how the picture would turn out.

Wednesday 13 April
Today our niece Alicen Ruth Boyer's was born 7 years ago.  She is a special girl.  Her grandma Alice Boyer died the October before she was born of cancer & her grandma Lela Ruth Marshall died of cancer a month after she was born, thus her name Alice"n" Ruth.  She is 13 days old in this picture.

It was time for bed & I was sitting around realizing I didn't have a picture for today.  I was sitting near a counter that Motor was looking cute on & tried to take a picture.  He didn't want his picture taken & came running toward the camera trying to put his wet nose on my lens, so I snapped the picture quickly & flashed him with the flash.  This was the result.  He also quickly ran away giving me a dirty look.

Thursday 14 April
This is what I'm doing the next 3 days (Thurs-Sat) & also this coming Monday & Tuesday.  Church directory pictures!!!  I'm the directory coordinator for our church & in charge of putting the photo directory together.  I spend from 11:30am - 10:20pm at church today, signing people in for their appointments & doing other stuff, then finally locking up the church when the photographer & consultant where done for the night.  4 more days of this, WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Friday 15 April
Another Birthday!!!!  Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Christine.  This is a picture of her & my brother.  I have never met her, but have talked to her & she is a sweetie.

Okay, didn't get a picture taken today, but this is from earlier this week.  I have walked across the street from my house to take this picture.  This is the Gilman City up town park, complete with a band stand/pavilion & 4 picnic table benches.

Then if you stand in the middle of the road & look west, you will see down town Gilman City.  This town use to have a population of 999 because the railroad went through it.  But the railroad pulled out & the town like many others in the area shrunk (now 382) or died.  That 4 way stop did have a blinking traffic light hanging two years back, the only one in town, but it broke & so they got rid of it.

Saturday 16 April
Okay dorky picture of me, but it was what was taken.  This is my friend Diane & my co worker today as we signed in people to get their picture taken for our church directory.  All day event for me, from 8:30am to 7:30pm.  Thank you Diane for making it a fun time.

This week is done & posting late but oh well, such is life.  Have a great week ladies