Saturday, September 3, 2011

365 Pictures 28 August - 3 September

Okay, another week gone & a new month started.  Boy, time is flying by way too fast.  Here is my week.

Sunday 28 August
I didn't take a picture today because I lost the day, not sure where it went but still looking for it.

Monday 29 August
A bunny came to visit our bird feeders this morning.  Haven't seen a bunny in the backyard all summer

A very rare picture.  All three cats sleeping next to each other & not fighting.  They get along but they don't sleep well together.  Motor (grey & white) will usually sleep with Fuzzy (far right) but not with Grouchy (center) - Motor & Grouchy have a sharing problem.

Tuesday 30 August
Lost another day, I think it is hiding with Sunday

Wednesday 31 August
North West Missouri State Fair started tonight.  2nd year for the parade & our church entered an Awana float.  The parade ended at the fair where we had a booth for kids to register for Awana which starts next Wednesday.  I'm in the red shirt.

Thursday 1 September
Deer Cam - A doe eating with the coons.  I picked this one because I like the coons coming down the tree to get breakfast.

Friday 2 September
Today my hubby & I played a board game - Yahtzee.  Something we haven't done if a very long time.  It was fun.  He won.

Saturday 3 September
Didn't take a picture today busy working on a mission trip slide show on the computer.  So I picked this pic from the deer cam file taken yesterday.  The bucks' antlers are started to get hard & they are starting to feel a little ornery toward each other.  Now the antlers are getting harder, we might get some pictures of the velvet shedding & some "Buck" fights around the feeder the next couple of weeks.

Well that is my week.  It went by quickly.  Hope all of you had a great week.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Pictures 21 - 27 August

Wow!!!!  Another week just went zooming by and not to many pictures taken.  I hope to remedy this coming week but here is what I have to share.

Sunday 21 August

1st time I went to a church picnic alone.  The boys are at college & Stephen had to work until 10:00pm at his new job.  It was a little strange going by myself but I still had fun.  On the way home from the picnic I decided to take a picture of the sun setting on a wonderful day.

Monday 22 August
Okay, this picture was taken Saturday but it what I did Monday night.  Our church rented the local movie theater for "Free Movie Night" & showed Soul Surfer.  First time I went to the movie alone because Stephen had to work the evening shift again.  It was a great movie & I swung by Wal-mart on the way home to get some groceries & the DVD so my husband could see the movie.  We ended up watching it Saturday night after he got off work with our son Wood.  I highly recommend this movie, great message.

Tuesday 23 August
Okay what is my week without posting a couple of deer cam pictures.  It was very hot this week so the deer hardly came out during the day.  All I have is night pictures.  Here is a nice buck
Wednesday 24 August
And two more bucks.

Thursday 25 August
Grouchy & her mice.  She was holding this mouse with both paws until she heard the camera turn on then she immediately stopped holding it.  At least I still got a cute pic.

Friday 26 August
Stephen working the evening shift and I was a little bored plus getting over a 12hr flu from yesterday so I got out the Wii game Price Caspian to play.  Played it when it first came out but got busy with other things & never played it again.  So decided to try it again.

Saturday 27 August
Okay to explain this pic - One my son Wood came home for the weekend to get his bow to shoot at school for a competition.  He also decided to cut his hair.  He had a mishap with the clippers & the result to fix it is on the right.  Every time my son walked by he kept reminding me of someone but who.  Then it dawned on me, my cousin Glenn (who we haven't seen since 2005).  So I made this pic downloading a pic of Glenn (on the left) from facebook & taking Wood's profile while texting.  So..... what do you think?  Are they related?

Have a great week. God bless.