Saturday, March 5, 2011

365 pictures 27 Feb - 5 March

Wow, another week gone & a new month has started.  Time is going by way to fast.  I was a good girl this week, stayed home & off my knee as much as possible.  Looking for pictures was a little challenging, but got it done.

Sunday 27 Feb.
This morning I made a batch of buttermilk bran muffins.  During the week, my husband & I eat these for breakfast because it is easy for him to take on the go & they taste great.  The recipe makes 2 1/2 dozen.  The recipe calls for adding nuts & dried fruit which is optional.  I like to add a dried fruit mixture of apples, cranberries, blueberries & cherries, I found at Cost co.  This batch also has pecans in it because that was the nuts I had in my freezer. 

Monday 28 Feb.
First of course this picture was not taken today, but wanted to post it to say "Happy Birthday to my brother Robert"  This was taken in 1969, Rob was 5 & I was 1.  Of course being Navy brats we were dress in Navy outfits.

Since the weather was nasty & I couldn't get outside plus didn't find anything interesting in the house to take a picture of; I decided to take a picture from our deer cam on our farm.  We have two set up, one at the corn feeder we set up to help feed the deer in winter & keep them coming back to our farm & a second one at a salt block.  Two pictures before this the deer were eating calmly then something spooked them & the took off.

Tuesday 1 March
My oldest son was home for a visit.  We gave him a new compound bow for Christmas because he out grew his old one.  He didn't have a chance to put it together or sight it in during Christmas.  Since the weather was nice today, he & my hubby worked on the bow, & sighted it in.

Wednesday 2 March
Every morning I get to go to therapy for my knee, which right now is being hooked up to a machine that send electric current to my muscle, while I sit there & do nothing.  This is my daily reading time which I'm enjoying.  I finished the last book I posted here & started this one today.  Luci Swindoll is Chuck Swindoll's sister & one of my favorite speakers at Women of Faith conference.  Her books are great too.

Thursday 3 March
We have three indoor cats who have cat toys & fake mice to play with.  Grouchy plays with them the most & get a little carried away to where the mice get hit under the stove in the kitchen, under the couch in the living room, buried in the coat closet, etc.  So when my husband sees our cat laying belly up looking under the stove, couch & other places for a couple of days in a row, this is a hint to please get my mice for me.  My husband went on a mouse hunt tonight & found all the mice & tiger toy for the cats.  Then lined them up on the shoe towel by the coat closet for the cats to find.
 AD (short for attention deficit, which she has a problem with doesn't think she gets enough attention) was the first to see what Daddy did & laid on the towel to guard them.  Her two favorite are the yellow ones because they rattle when she wacks them around the house.

Her sister Grouchy also realized what Daddy did, chased sissy away & took over controlling the mice.  If you notice she has separated her favorite mouse from the rest (laying in front of her).  By morning all of the mice were scattered through the house.

Friday 4 March
In the evening if we have nothing else to do, my husband & I will play Lego Star Wars on the Wii together.  Yes, this is MY game my boys gave me one year either for my birthday or Christmas.  This is a fun game, that we use to play with our boys.  We almost have this game beat then we will probably move on the Lego Batman, another one of my games.  I hoping to get the new Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Wii game for Mother's day.

Saturday 5 March
I ventured out with my husband & Fred (my crutch I have to use) to the Christian school (in a small town called New Hampton population 291) I use to teach at.  I left some things in my room & needed to bring them home.  Then we went to Bethany (where we do everything, population 3, 292) to do some shopping & ate lunch at Wendy's.  First time I have gone shopping in 4 weeks since messing up my knee.  Made the circle by coming home & as got close to turn into our town, we saw hundreds of geese landing on Stephen's 3rd cousin's farm.
Shot from where we were sitting in our car on the highway

Zoom shot of one of the many flocks of snow & Canadian geese landing.  A sign that spring is getting closer, yeah!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

365 Pictures Feb 20-26

To continue from last week about my knee - I finally had my MRI done on Tuesday; couldn't get into the doc until Thursday to find out I have torn the meniscus in my left knee.  Monday I get to go to KC to see an orthopedic surgeon  about getting that fix.  Spent most of the week at home because I'm suppose to stay off my knee as much as possible, which I've been doing, which means a lot of kitty & bird pictures this week.  So let see what this week brought in pictures.

Sunday 20 Feb
This is Stripes or aka Grouchy - because of the look on her face, which is there most of the time.  When my husband sits in his recliner to watch TV at night, she comes running for her "cuddle time".  She stretches out & sleeps.  If my husband in not in the chair by 8:00pm she will start following him around the house waiting for him to go sit in his chair.  Some night she doesn't get cuddle time & she is not happy the next day.  Of course the thoughts I'm getting right now is - you are disturbing my time with daddy, take that thing away.

Monday 21 Feb
 As I headed to town for a Chiropractor appointment for my knee, this was the scene 2 blocks from my house at the stop sign to the highway on the edge of town.  Geese!!!  Snow geese mostly.  This is my husband's 3rd cousin's corn field.  I'm sitting at the stop sign looking straight ahead to the left

Still looking straight ahead but turning to the right

Looking straight ahead & zoomed in.

Tuesday 22 Feb
You know it is a cold evening when two of the cats need cuddle time.  Motor is up by Stephen's chest & Grouchy in her normal spot.  My husband is so sweet to let the cats do this to him.  The plus side, they do keep you warm.

Wednesday 23 Feb
No Picture, not sure why, was home all day, but I guess I just forgot.

Thursday 24 Feb
 Birdie TV.  It had started to snow & the birds came in swarms to my feeders.  I'm glad I have a digital cameras because I just start snapping the same scene several times then look to see what I have in pictures.  So I was surprise to see I took to birds in flight - An American Gold Finch in the top left corner & a house finch bottom right.

I love this picture because you can see the snow falling (kept getting heavier & heavier) & the little house finch peeping out after getting a bite to eat.  This took several shots because it seems every time I snapped a picture this little finch would duct back in to eat or show me it tail feathers.

Friday 25 Feb
It snowed most of the night.  Woke up to 8 inches of snow on the ground.  With a bum knee, I'm not going anywhere unless absolutely necessary.  Took this picture off our front porch.  There is usually a 6 foot clearance under this cedar tree but not today.

Saturday 26 Feb
This picture wasn't taken today, but 10 March 2010 in Haiti.  That is the presidential palace behind me.  I went to Haiti two months after the earthquake to help with relief.  I post this picture because starting on Friday & most of the day Saturday I started working on my blog about my mission trip & posting it.  I plan to work on it each day until I'm finished.  It was a week long mission trip & one of the highlights of my life.  So if you want to know more about my trip just scroll down.  I have numbered the days so you can read in order. 
I was suppose to have gone back two weeks ago, but my surgery post pond that trip.  That is fine because I'm sign up to go in March 2012.  Can't wait!!