Saturday, December 31, 2011

365 pictures 27 November - 31 December

Well, things got busy, boys came home & I got behind on my picture taking.  So I'm using the final week to catch up & definitely know I do not have a picture a day, but this is what I have.  Enjoy.

 27 November
no picture

 28 November
I had to post a cat picture.  I thought this was cute.  Grouchy was playing hard with her favorite mouse, then things were quiet.  I came into the living room to find her sleeping with her mouse as a pillow or she is making sure the other two cats can't play with her mouse while she naps.

29-30 November & 1 December
no pictures

 2 December
Time to change my fence in my kitchen.  I had to go out & buy some decorations but I was very happy to find all the stuff I bought 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  Here are the two sets of fences on either side of my kitchen.  They will stay like this until Spring unless I find some valentine type decorations for Feb & maybe something Irish for March.  Also my basket was change from fall to winter.

 3 December
This is Colin, Annie & Liam, my pastor's children.  A couple weeks ago our pastor resigned from our church, his last day be Christmas Sunday.  God is leading him & his family to serve at a church in Texas.  They will be greatly missed.  As a "Gonna Miss You" gift, I took the three oldest children to Science City at Union Station in Kansas City.  They had never been.  We had a great time.  I'm really going to miss these kids.

 4 December
Today is my niece Echo Joy's 23rd birthday.  This picture was taken back in September.

 5 December
Our December "Women on Mission" meeting.  The last one for the year & the last one with our pastor's wife Lisa (in the middle).  We had a "Christmas Tea/going away breakfast".  We are going to miss Lisa, she has been a great leader, pastor's wife, mentor & friend to many.

6-16 December
no pictures

17 December
Marshall Family Christmas 2011.  As the grandkids get older & have their own families it is hard to get everyone together plus get a picture but we did it this Christmas.  This first picture is of the 12 grandkids. 2 of them are mine, 1 is my husband's sister & the other 9 are his older brother's kids.

 This next picture is of the 12 grandkids & 1 great grandkid, she is in the middle

This next picture is of the 12 grandkids, 1 great grandkid, 2 in-law grandkids & 2 future in-law grandkids.
Now for who they are & age in ( ):
back row - Joel (17), Esther (20), Echo (23), Anna (15), Josh (19)

middle row - Elisha (21) with fiance Sasha (21) getting married July 2012; Wood (21) with girlfriend Susan (21) planning on getting married Summer 2013; Tricia (30), Jesse (24) with wife Casie (26); Jared (28) with wife Sarah (27) holding daughter Charleigh (2) & little due in Feb 2012.

front row center - Enoch (10) & Ali (7)

18 December
I had to include at least one deer cam picture.  Back to filling the feeder now that deer season is over.  This is a new buck to our farm.

19 December
My boys are home from college.  My youngest son, Josh, hung his soft, sweater/sweatshirt type jacket on the back of a dining room chair & then went hunting.  While he was gone, his cat Fuzzy, pulled the coat off the back of the chair onto the floor, made a bed & proceeded to sleep on it.  When I came to take a picture then pick up the coat, this was the look I got.  I didn't touch the coat, let the cat sleep on it till Josh came home & he could fight the cat for it.

20 December
Another nice buck.

21 December
We celebrated Christmas today.  My oldest son Wood opening one of his presents

My youngest son Josh opening one of his presents, he is always very dramatic & still enjoys opening his presents to the fullest.

22 December
Muzzle loading (black powder) season started this week for deer.  It is also fur bearing season.  Josh went out hunting for deer & came home with this bobcat instead.  There were two of them walking on his deer path.  They are starting to get over populated on our farm & hurting our quail, pheasant & turkey populations, so Josh was pest controlling.

23 December
Celebrating 23 years of love, life, friendship & marriage today.  Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husbnad.

24 December
I cross stitched & made 14 ornaments for Christmas gifts this fall.  I usually take a picture of the finish product, but forgot on all of them except two.  So here are the two I took pictures of for our youth pastor's two boys.  By the way, our youth pastor took a new job as head pastor at another church about 20 min. away.  Anybody looking for fill a pastor or youth pastor job?
Malachi's ornament

Josiah's Ornament

25 December
We had my father-in-law over for Christmas Dinner.  He doesn't like his picture taken, so it is very rare to get one of him.  I relized I didn't have one of our three generations & asked if he would sit for a picture.  He did.  Here is our 3 generations, my two sons, Josh & Wood, my father-in-law Charles & my husband, Stephen.

26 - 27 December
no picture

28 December
Why Grouchy doesn't miss Josh when he is away at college

Grouchy after Josh got up - she is thinking - I will get revenge, just wait until you are sleeping around 2am, I will be justified.

29 December
Josh cuddling with Motor.  Actually Motor likes this.  When Josh tried to get up, he put a paw on Josh's arm, trying to keep him there.

All three cats must have equal cuddle time.  Fuzzy (Josh's cat) getting a neck massage.

30 December
no picture

31 December
The last day of the year, the last picture of the year so I thought since I was up before sunrise my last picture for 2011 would be the last sunrise of 2011.  The sun is just starting to rise on this final day.

This has been so much fun & I hope we continue to take pictures every day for next year & share with each other.  I know I'm going to try & take more pictures.  God Bless & Happy New Year. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

365 Pictures 20 - 26 November

Well, another week has come & gone.  It was a great week for me because both my boys were home for Thanksgiving break.  It was very nice to have the boys laughter, teasing, a little arguing, but just "kid" noise back in the home.  Here is my week....

Sunday 20 November

Sunday evening we had a special invitation to Cabela's Visa member party.  We drove down to Kansas City Speedway area where Cabela's is located & arrived an hour early.  We decided go over to the Legends shopping area.  Last time Stephen & I were there it was being built.  They had this beautiful tree in the center.  The lights was synchronized with Manhiem's Christmas music.  Wish I had my camcorder with me to record it.  That is my son Josh is the picture.

Monday 21 November
2nd to last day of rifle season & my son Josh shot a nice size doe.  YEAH, more meat in the freezer for the year.

Tuesday 22 November
Motor was rolling around on the floor & stopped all of a sudden & meowed loud at us.  It was like "Help, my front side rolled but the back side is still stuck!"  He was fine after laying like this for my picture he got up & ran off.

Wednesday 23 November
Per my sons' request & husband's urging I started make jerky out of Wood's buck on Monday.  24 hours of marinating starting Monday evening, then 12 hours in the dehydrator.  I dehydrate 2lbs at a time.  This is what we had Wednesday morning.  This batch was hickory flavor.

Hard to believe that is 2lbs of meat sitting in that bag.  Wednesday afternoon I started batch 2 - Cajun flavor.  That batch was package up & split between the boys to take to college for the next 3 weeks.

Wednesday also meant family picture day.  It was the only day my husband had off work.  I really wanted to take our family pics outside but the weather was not nice.  So instead I hung my photo cloth between the opening of my dining room & living room & we took them inside.  This is the one I took using my camera timer.

Thursday 24 November
Since my husband had to work this afternoon.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at our home, just the 4 of us, while my husbands family celebrated at his sister's home an hour & 15 min south west of us in St. Joseph.  Then later in the evening 4 of my brother-in-law's 9 kids came over to hang out with their cousins.  In the picture left to right, my son Josh (19), son Wood (21), nephew Joel (17) standing.  On couch left to right nieces Anna (15), Esther (20) & Echo (22).  They had fun playing Wii & watching Netflix.

Friday 25 November
My Friday after Thanksgiving tradition, put the Christmas tree up & decorate the house for Christmas. Plus I do, do a little Christmas shopping on line.  This year we bought a thing for tree to go in that slowly turns the tree.  I LOVE IT!!!!  So here is our tree... first picture is taken with a flash &  2nd picture taken without a flash.

Saturday 26 November
Okay work family pictures, that either my son or I took on Wednesday, & made a collage to hang on my wall.  Then I play with it some more & made the next picture  4x6 collage to go in our Christmas cards.  Now I just have to order a batch & I can mail out my Christmas cards

Well, that is my week.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I know mine was fabulous & I'm a very blessed lady.  Can't wait to see everyone else's pics.  Have a great week.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

365 Pictures 13-19 November

Yahoooooo!  I took a picture 6 out of 7 days this week!!!  I don't think I have ever done that.  Anyway it has been a busy, productive & great week.  Here it is. . . . . .

Sunday 13 November
Today was Grouchy picture day.  She kept sleeping in the cutest positions, that I had to take her picture.  Of course she is the cat that does not like her picture taken & if sleeping when she hears my camera turn off, she will wake up & give me the evil look or just get up & move.  So I have to sneak up on her
Grouchy tuckered out after chasing these three mice.  Of course she is sleeping/guarding them anybody touches them & she is up & ready to chase again

Grouchy was looking so cute sleeping on my half made bed.  I tried to take a picture & she yawned in the middle of it.  OR what she really is doing is saying "MOM!!  I'm trying to sleep here, lose the camera"

I caught  her later

Monday 14 November
No, I do not sell Pamper Chef, but love their stone ware & this is why.  I baked chicken breast with a coating in my oven.  Not all the breast would fit in my Pamper chef stone pan, so had to use my little Pyrex also.  Both pans were cook together, same chicken, same time & temp.  This is what my Pyrex pan looked like at the end of baking the chicken (took a good 2hr soaking to get it clean)

 This is what my Pamper chef baking pan looked like.  After soaking in hot water for 5 min. it came clean very easily.  By the way ladies, I do not have a dish washer, so my husband & I wash the dishes.  My husband will gladly clean my Pamper chef stoneware any day because they are so easy to clean.

Tuesday 15 November
I helped fix & serve Thanksgiving dinner to around 55 - 60 seniors at our church.  This is a tradition at my church & I love helping with it.  This year I was able to cook one of the turkeys.  What was also neat was the three home school families in our church were able to come & help.  The kids (8 of them) along with one of the moms were in charge of fixing drinks.  They also help serve the meal & refills.  They did a great job & had fun visiting with the seniors of our church.

Wednesday 16 November
After working in the morning, I spent the afternoon helping my husband process deer.  Here we have six - 2 lbs. roast ready to go to the freezer.  These are from the doe our friend shot.  We also ended up with 20 lbs.  of roast from the buck my son shot.  Those roast will be made into jerky after Thanksgiving.  We didn't weight the steaks but from both deer we also made 33 lbs of hamburger.   

Thursday 17 November
With my boys coming home for Thanksgiving break & more deer hunters coming for the weekend, I needed to make an easy breakfast that could be taken to the woods to eat.  So I tried a new recipe - Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins.  My boys loved them.  Had no idea they were gluten-free.  The recipe is at this link

Friday 18 November
no picture

Saturday 19 November
My goal today was to get a picture of the sunset.  It was a beautiful day & even got up to 68F degrees, not normal November weather for this area.  So about 10 minutes before schedule sunset (according to the internet) I look out my window & saw the sky starting to glow with the evening colors.   I got in my jeep & drove 3/4 mile to the southwest edge of town.  But the time I got there these clouds were rolling in, & in 2 to3 min the temps dropped from 68 to 48.  This is why we have tornado in this area.  Oh well, here is my sunset for today. (ha, ha, ha)

Hope you all had a great week.  I'm looking forward to this coming week - Thanksgiving celebration, my boys home & the Christmas tree goes up on Friday!!!  God Bless & have a great week.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

365 Pictures 6-12 November

Well another week has flown by WAY too fast.  I didn't get to take a lot of pictures because I was busy working on editing pictures.  No deer cam pictures this week.  Deer season started Saturday & we had 4 hunters on the farm, two of them were my husband & oldest son.  I hope to go out hunting this week.  Here is my week.

Sunday 6 November
 no picture

Monday 7 November
I didn't take a picture today, instead I worked on some.  One of my scrapbook collages.  These girls in our Awana TNT club put together 3 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's purse.  I took their pictures last Wednesday by class & made this collage to go in each of the boxes.

Tuesday 8 November
Another day of working on photos.  Shiloh's pics didn't turn out too well when I did the Christian school back in October, so I retook them.  Along with the other shots, here is his collage I made today.

Wednesday 9 November
no picture

Thursday 10 November
This was taken Friday but wanted to post it here since I didn't have a picture & I had two other ones for Friday.  Since I went to the city, I went to Hobby Lobby (dangerous place for me).  I had this old basket & put spring flowers in it.  Hobby Lobby had all their fall decorations at 50% off, so I bought some & fixed up this basket to go with my scarecrow decorations for the kitchen.

Friday 11 November
I went & had lunch with my mom.  She lives in an assistant living place.  They had a special banquet for the veterans & made this certificate for all their residents that are veterans.

Also the staff filled out paperwork for a special medallion for veterans to receive from their state.  My mom was active duty during the Vietnam war stationed state side.  This is her certificate, medallion & matching coin she received from the Governor.  I brought them home & put them in a shadow box with some Navy scrap booking paper so she can display it in her apartment.

Saturday 12 November
My oldest son, Wood, shot a 13 point buck.  YEAH!!!!  Meat in the freezer for the winter.  This buck will become all hamburger since he is sooo big.  Our friend Nate shot a medium size doe.

That is my week.  This next week maybe a little crazy since we have two deer to process.  I still hope to take some pictures but we will see.