Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365 15-21 May 2011

I think the weather thinks we are back in March or April.  On the cool & rainy side but still a good week.  So what did this week bring????

Sunday 15 May, 2010
YEAH, the Baltimore Orioles are back!!!!  Reminds me of home in Annapolis, Maryland.  Love to hear these sweet birds sing.  This poor fellow is drench from the rainy day we had.

Also the humming birds are back too.  You can see a drop of rain on the wing of this one.  Now to get a picture of a male.

Monday 16 May, 2010
Grouchy - Just Great, she has that black flashy thing out again....wonder how that thing would taste???

My mouse & I'm not sharing, all mine

Aaaaaaaaaaaa it's getting away!!!!

Tuesday 17 May, 2010
School Award night.  This was a bitter sweet time for me, as I have taught at New Hampton Christian School for 2 1/2 years.  I left in December of this for head surgery & I'm not going back to teach.  I will still take school pictures & put together the yearbook & digital yearbook, but God is leading to some other places to serve Him in.  So tonight was a night of saying "I'll see ya later" instead of good bye.  God blessed me with two sons, but brought into my life "adoptive" daughters.  These are my girls....
Asiah Bennet, she will always be part of our family.  We have grown really close this year & I was blessed to lead her to the Lord this fall.

These are three sisters who I have taught the past 2 1/2 years.  The oldest one Donna will never smile for a pictures or hardly ever, just works, works, works, & has a huge wall around her heart.  Lexi in the middle & Asia to the right.  All three a very smart & will go far.

Joshlyn, always has a smile & let you know exactly how she feels about everything good & bad.  She was also in my elementary class.

Kendall, very sweet lovable girl, never taught her, but we had long talks when school became to much.  She called me "Mom" & still does.

The moon was soooo beautiful tonight I just had to get a picture.

Wednesday 18 May, 2010
Muffin Day!  I made 2 1/2 dozen Apple Dapple Muffins for my hubby's breakfast this week.  Of course both of the boys are home too, so they ate these for snack during the day.  Recipe is at my good eating link

Boys went exploring on our farm.  Found this 8 point buck skull in the timber & an arrow my son Josh (on right 18 yrs) lost when he was 15 yrs old hunting for a deer.  The arrow head was damaged, but the rest of the arrow was still good to reuse.

Thursday 19 May, 2010
Deer Cam to the rescue - I didn't get a picture taken today.

Friday 20 May, 2010
Okay, I didn't take a picture today, but here is one of Bucky from Thursday.  I now have posted him three weeks in a row & you can see how his rack in growing.  He's a 4 point right now.  See ya next week.

Saturday 21 May, 2010
I spent the afternoon, taking pictures of a family from church.  They are a wonderful family with 4 children.  They decided God wanted them to be foster parents who would adopt.  The were given two little girls in December, who they were suppose to adopt in a year.  Unfortunately things have change & the state has decided to move the girls into a different foster home with two of their siblings & all 4 will adopted together.  So today I took pictures of the girls & family, so the girls could have a picture to remember their foster family by.  This is Raven one of the girls.  I'm still playing with the other pictures.  Pray for Raven & her siblings because they need Jesus in their life.

Well, that is the end of my week.  Hope all of you have a wonderful week.  Can't wait to see your pics