Saturday, February 11, 2012

365 Pictures week 5 & 6 29 Jan - 11 Feb

I miss not seeing everyone's pictures last week.  My trip to Haiti was wonderful & rewarding.  I wish everyone could go to a third world country for a week & see how blessed we are in the US.  This was my 2nd trip to Haiti, the first being 2 months after the earthquake, & it was still an eye opener & humbled my spirit.  So here are my pics for the last two weeks.

Sunday 29 January
Okay two pictures today.  After I saw Sara's rustic apple pie, I had to make two for my husband to have while I was gone, so here is one of my pies

Also here is my cross-stitch progress.  I'm going to miss this while I'm in Haiti

Monday 30 January
Today is my birthday!!!
This is the Precious Moments my husband surprised me with.  I'm a member of the club, so when I get a catalog, I circle all the ones I like & then he picks out the ones he wants to get me.

I also recieved this lovely bag from the lady that I work for.  She made it for me.  This is the front.  The striped area is three pockets

This is the back.  I love it!!!

Tuesday 31 January
No picture, too busy packing & going to bed early

Wednesday 1 February
My Haiti trip started today, so I'm going to give you a little taste of my trip.   If you would like to hear the whole story please go to my blog at this link  I have blogged about 1/4 of my trip & will be blogging more about it this coming week.  I had a little sad feeling as I left but I didn't know why.  
Sunrise as I fly from Missouri to Texas.  The trip has begun

Thursday 2 February
Grade school girls at Mission of Hope.  Mission of Hope has 3,000 students between the grades PreK - 12th.  The kids favorite thing was to ask "Photo" & pose.  Then of course they had to see their picture when you were done, giggle & pose again for another one.  They could do this all day

Friday3 February
We visited the village Kaliko today.  This is a very poor village.  As we got off the bus & made a circle to pray for our day, these children came up from the village to greet us.  The young man told us he wanted to know Jesus, so Brian led him to the Lord.  What a great way to start the day.

Saturday 4 February
This picture was taken March 2010.  It was the first boy I met at Mission of Hope - Jerry.  He is 10 years old.  His parents are vendors at the mission.  Jerry became my buddy & ran to greet me every day I saw him.  It broke my heart to leave him.  

Two years have past - This is Jerry today.  His parents are still vendors & he goes to school at Mission of hope.  At first when I saw Jerry he wasn't sure if he knew me, but when I called his name his face lit up & he said "My white Momma".  We were able to visit the mission three more times & every time Jerry saw me he came running.  Jerry will always have a special place in my heart.

Sunday 5 February
We stay at Kaliko Beach Resort which is on the beach.  It was nice to go to the beach in the evening & reflect on what God taught me that day.  Here is one of the beautiful sunsets that I was blessed to enjoy.  The boat is a water taxi.

Monday 6 February
Today was beach day.  A day to relax & get caught up on some sleep.  I went down to the beach with my room mate & discovered the water's edge were covered with huge jellyfish.  There were hundreds of them.  The resort owner said he had never seen anything like this before.  The resort staff were scooping up the jelly fish & throwing them on the beach.  Later in the day the jellyfish were gone & it was safe to swim.

Tuesday 7 January
One last visit to Mission of Hope.  This is Pierre.  He was born with a brain tumor.  Since his mother couldn't afford to get medical help with him or take care of him, he was abandoned at Mission of Hope. Some time (days or months not sure) his mother returned & signed papers giving Mission of Hope custody of Pierre.  We found out on our last day that Pierre will be coming to the USA, Indiana to be exact.  He will be getting the medical help he needs & the brain tumor removed.  Then when he is well enough a family from Indiana that adopts special  needs kids, will adopt Pierre.  Pierre is holding a little stuff animal I gave him.  He kept smiling at the animal & saying "Hi".  Another piece of my heart was left in Haiti with this little boy.

Wednesday 8 February
It is 4:43am & I sitting on the beach with my room mate & her dad.  We are saying good-bye to Haiti.  This is the moon which was full slowly setting over & reflecting over the Caribbean.  What a way to start a very early morning & end a wonderful trip.   Breakfast is at 5:00am & we leave for the airport at 5:30am.  This was a great trip & I hope the Lord will allow me to come back again.

Thursday 9 February
I started putting away my items I bought in Haiti.  This is a conch shell I bought from one of the Haitians that sells things at the hotel we stayed at.  I've always wanted a shell like this & found out after I got home, my husband did too.  By the way I also at conch while in Haiti.  Anything that says "Seafood" like a soup or sauce, means it has conch in it.  It is good tasting but a little chewy, like eating squid or a old piece of bubble gum.

Friday 10 February
More items I brought home but these have a special purpose.  At Mission of Hope they have a ministry called 3 Cords.  Here is an explanation about 3 Cords from there web page
3 Cords employs amputee women & mother of amputee children, giving them hope that they are still whole, valuable, & precious.  Our vision is to love & serve these women, teach them valuable skills & provide them with dignity that they can still work & provide for their families.  In Haiti, many people do not believe amputees can do anything, let alone work.  3 Cords is disproving this cultural stigma for sure!

This is a purse I purchased from 3 Cords.  All handmade.

And Look!!! It is reversable!!!  Didn't know that when I bought it.

I also bought a cell phone cover.

My phone fits perfectly!

Saturday 11 February
Yes, this is a picture of my laptop.  This is where I have spent most of my day blogging & uploading pics for my blogs & facebook along with two videos from my Haiti trip.

Well, it was a fun two weeks.  Glad to be back home.  The things we take for granted like being able to drink water straight from the faucet & a glass of milk.  We are sooo blessed in this country, running water, free public education & the list could go on & on.  Hope all of you had a good week.  Can't wait to see your pics.
In His love,