Sunday, October 30, 2011

365 Pictures 23-29 October

Yeah, posting only one week this time.  It has been a great week.  Fall weather, getting to do some canning & just enjoying the beautiful weather. I didn't get too many pictures taken.  I really thought I took one everyday but oh well. Here is my week :-)

Sunday 23 October
These pictures were taken Saturday night.  I had made some wordless books about 3 months ago & left them in a bag on my sewing table.  Last night Grouchy decided she was bored with her play mice, got up on my sewing table & came running out of the guest/sewing room with my wordless books in her mouth.  She brought them into the living room & proceeded to play with the bag of books in front of us.  Little Miss Ornery.

Shaking the bag, trying to get into it.

Determined that she has killed her prey, Grouchy goes to sleep, but ears listening for any sound that the pack of wordless books my come back to life.

Monday 24 October
No picture
Tuesday 25 October
Today I started making crockpot apple butter from a bushel of apples I bought from the Amish that live 20 minutes south east of us.  This is a picture of my first batch. By the end of  the week I had 22 pints canned.

Wednesday 26 October
No picture
Thursday 27 October
These are two wonderful boys I get to spend Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings with.  I help a home school mom by tutoring/teaching her two sons, so she can spend some extra time teaching her daughter.  Anderson is 10 & Parker is 2.  They are wonderful blessings in my life each week.


Friday 28 October
I didn't take any picture today but had to share some from the deer came from this week.  The bucks are no longer getting along.  It is time to mark their territory with a little fighting
I'm the boss, no I'm the boss, no I'm the boss
Time to fight over which buck controls the corn feeder.  Notice the one buck on the left gets poked in the eye by the antlers of the other.

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I poked you in the eye, are you alright?"
Yeah, I think so, can still see.
Good, then. . . . . . . 

Fight time - I'm the boss, no I'm the boss, no it's my corn, no it's my corn. . . . . . . . 

Saturday 29 October
Back to canning.  My youngest son request I make Grandma's home made tomato soup for him to get when he comes home for thanksgiving, so he can take it back to college with him.  Usually I would use tomatoes from my garden but since I don't have a garden, I made it from tomato juice. When I'm done I should have about 18 quarts of tomato soup canned.  YUMMMMMMMM!!!
Batch number one. 6 quarts all sealed & ready to be store in the pantry, just need to wipe down the jars from canning.
recipe for this soup is at my blog Good Cooking click here

That is my week.  I will be canning two more batches of tomato soup & 3 more batches of apple butter this week.  I hope to remember to take time to take a picture.
God Bless everyone.