Monday, January 7, 2013

365 Pictures catch & starting New Year.

Hi to all,
I'm back.  I have not posted since 10 Nov.  Things became very busy around here.  Honestly I was not planning on being back until February.  Yesterday I was suppose to go to Madagascar on a mission trip for 3 weeks but the Lord had other plans.  This past Monday my trip was canceled but doors open for me to go to Cameroon with the same group in February.  So I plan to post weekly until I leave, then play catch when I get back.

I've been debating on whether I should catch up or not & decided, yes, I'm going to post what I can so here it goes. . . .

Tuesday 20 Nov. 2012

I spent the evening working at a fund raiser for a 7th grade girl in our church.  She has cancer.  This is just half the bake made by people in our community, donations from churches & school staff.  We ended up raising around $4,000 plus a matching donation which put us up to around $6,000 to help Emily & her mom.

Thursday 22 Nov. 2012

Thanksgiving mid morning.  My oldest son & Motor taking an early nap before all the guest arrive for Thanksgiving feast.  Motor is soooo glad the boys are home from college.

Monday 3 Dec 2012

I'm the director of our church's Women on Mission group.  This morning was our Christmas Tea for the ladies of the church.  We had a great turn out & a wonderful time.

Tuesday 4 Dec 2012

Today our Women on Mission group hosted a "Senior Christmas Brunch" for the seniors of our church.  Another great turn out, wonderful food & fellowship.

Saturday 15 Dec 2012

Our wedding anniversary is 23 Dec.  Since things get a little crazy at that time, some years we have to celebrate a little early, this was one of those years.  These are the two Precious Moments figurines my husband gave me for our 24th anniversary.
Some Day my Prince Will Come is the title of this one.  It is a music box & plays the song, from this scene from the Disney Snow White movie.

Snow globe & music box that plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".
The title of the figurine is - Being With You Warms my Heart

Monday 16 Dec 2012

I bought a new digital camera to go on my mission trip, one that is dust & waterproof.  Playing with it I discovered several different options on taking pictures.  One is a cat setting.  When set on the setting, if the camera's sensor detects a cat face it automatically takes a picture, you don't have to push an button.  So I tried it out & here is the result.  I thought this would be a cute picture.  I set these items on the couch for me to take out the door with my & Fuzzy thought she had to help & hold them in place.

Wednesday 19 Dec 2012

Our first winter storm of the season, ice & hail. 

Thursday 20 Dec 2012

Our first snow storm of winter.  The old farmer's saying around here is that since the first tracking snow came on the 20th, we will have 20 tracking (means you can make tracks in it) snow storms this winter.  I curious to see if this comes true.

Friday 21 Dec 2012

I finally took a picture of our Christmas tree.

Saturday 22 Dec 2012

Yeah!!!!  4 days in a row of taking pictures, getting back into the groove.
These are "Melting Snowman Cookies" I made for the "Marshall Family Christmas"  I will post the recipe later this week at my recipe blog

Whenever we have "Marshall Family Christmas" at my sister-in-law, Jeaneen's, home we take a "Marshall Family" picture which happens every 5 years.  The reason we have to wait so long is one, my brother-in-law & two of his sons hate their picture being taken & two - Jeaneen has the biggest house with the biggest room to hold all of us.
These are my in-laws, I have color coordinated the families
left to right standing starting with niece with glasses
Anna, Joel, Jesse, Casie, Echo, Esther, Glenda, David, Sarah, Jared, Wood, Kim (me) Stephen, Mark & Jeaneen
Kneeling left to right
Kenny, Tricia, Enoch (standing) Elisha, Charles (father-in-law holding great grand daugthers) Carrigan, Charleigh, Ali (standing) Mark & Josh.

Tuesday 25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
We celebrated Christmas on the 21st, so today was a relaxing day at home.
This is what my youngest son did on Christmas morning - he went black powder deer hunting & shot two does.  This made his Christmas.

Saturday 29 Dec 2012

Motor peeking over Josh's lap top at the dining room table.  I mainly took this because of Motor's reflection in the laptop.

Tuesday 1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
New Year, New Recipe!  These are "Oven Baked Chicken Fingers"
Since the boys are home from college I'm cooking A LOT more.  Saw this recipe & wanted to try it.  It was very easy & I will be sharing it at my recipe blog.  By the way - the boys inhaled these.

Wednesday 2 Jan 2013

My son Josh took this picture & cooked this meal.  I had to substitute teach & then my husband & I had Awana that night.  Josh cooked up Lemon Pepper Chicken with Lemon Pepper Noodles.  He took plain egg noodles & cooked them, then he added some seasonings along with lemon juice (because I didn't have any lemon pepper ran out) & mixed them in with the noodles.  It was wonderful!!!  Unfortunately, Josh doesn't remember all the seasonings he used.

Friday 4 Jan 2013

I was driving so I asked my son Wood to take this picture with my camera for me.  The sunset tonight was gorgeous.

Well I'm caught up again.  I hope to do better in the coming weeks on taking pictures.  Have a great week & God Bless.