Saturday, August 4, 2012

365 Pictures week 31; 29 July - 4 August

Wow another week has zoomed by.  This one was busy as we prepared to get ready for a family reunion in the upcoming week.  I did better on taking pictures so let see what I have to offer. . . .

Sunday 29 July, 2012

This is the lovely wool  handmade blanket my son bought me in Germany.  It is very soft.

Monday 30 July, 2012

This is the mug & bowl my son made at the camp he worked at in Germany.  The mug was shaped by hand & the bowl was made on a spinning wheel.

glazed on the inside so he can use them

 Tuesday 31 July, 2012

Youngest son is home & eats for "3".  He also has to run down to college this weekend & needs to take some meals, so I made this - Cheddar Macaroni Beef Casserole to feed him & have left overs.  The recipe is at my blog

 Wednesday 1 Aug, 2012

Ladies from WOM group at church.  We are getting ready for the third annual School Outreach.  We collect school supplies at church through donations & then we get the school supply list & bag up the supplies by grades.  Then this coming Saturday we will pass out free school supplies to families that come by the church.  It is a lot of fun & a way to help out our community.
In this picture we are bagging up the supplies by grade.

Thursday 2 Aug, 2012

I didn't take a picture today so it is deer cam to the rescue.  I love how this buck is posing for the camera.

 Friday 3 Aug, 2012

Again no picture  by me but the deer cam got a nice one of two little fawns.

Saturday 4 Aug, 2012

The rest of my gifts from my son's mission trip.  The rock is from a concentration camp for Russian Jews that my son visited.  He carved the Star of David on it, so we wouldn't forget where it came from or the people who died there.  The angel & thimble are from Germany & the turtle from Cocoa Beach, Florida where he spent a couple of days the end of his trip.

This is becoming my international shelf in my curio.  The nesting dolls & bell are from Russia, the conch shell & cup are from Haiti the music box by the shell is from Switzerland & the angel from Germany.  All acquired while on mission trips by someone in my family.

Well, I guess that is my week.  Next week will be special as I'm seeing my little sister.  Last time I saw her was 10 years ago when she was pregnant with my nephew Gavin.  Last time my husband saw her was at our wedding almost 24 years ago.  It will be the first time any of us will meet my nephew.  Also attending a family reunion of the descendants of my great, great, great, great, great grandfather.  Going to be a great time.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

365 Pictures weeks 28-31; 8-28 July

It has been a 3 busy weeks.  My main goal was getting ready for church camp.  My first time going to this camp.  I will be a cabin counselor for girls grades 3rd - 6th. That went very well, then I needed a week to recoperate, plan a family vacation & get ready for my son to come home.  The last week of this post I did not take any pictures!!!!, NOT ONE, OH MY!!!!  I didn't realize that until I went to post.  So must do better next week, but here is what I have, enjoy & God bless!!!

Sunday 8 July, 2012

The picture was taken by my husband of me for my upcoming prayer cards.  I have decided that I will be going on an adult team with Teen Mission International.  This is the group my sons have gone with, I went with as a teenagers & who I  help during the summer for Peanut Camp.  Where am I going??? Madagascar for 18 days in January!!!  I just need to raise $3,500 to go.  My support letters will be going out in September.

Monday 9 July, 2012

Okay, this week I was busy getting ready for church camp & didn't even think about taking pictures, so deer camp to the rescue!!!   Momma deer showing her twins where the corn feeder is.  This is our first picture of fawns coming to the feeder.

Tuesday 10 July, 2012

Okay, this week I was busy getting ready for church camp & didn't even think about taking pictures, so deer camp to the rescue!!!  I love seeing bucks in velvet.  Wish I could reach out & touch these to feel how soft they are.  Right now these bucks are getting along but when the velvet starts coming off there are going to be some major dominance fights going on in our woods.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

I found a new cookbook using Bisquick, so I tried it out.  I was trying to make large meals, so I could freeze individual portions for my husband & older son to have while I was at camp.
First recipe Ham, Macaroni & Cheese Pie.  I doubled the recipe, one because I didn't have a deep dish pie pan to bake it in.  The recipe is at my  blog.  If you double it like I did, it take twice as long to bake.  I found that out the hard way

Thursday 12 July, 2012

Cooking again from the same new cookbook.  This one is called Spicy Tex-Mex Chicken Cobbler.  It was suppose to be baked in a oven proof 10-inch fry pan, but I didn't have that either so I used my baker again.  It worked find, & I didn't have to double the recipe.  I like this one better than the one yesterday, and ended up being my favorite new recipe.

Friday 13 July, 2012

I'm still making meals for us & leftovers to freeze for the guys next week.  One more from my new cookbook.  This one was my 2nd favorite & it was called Savory Ham & Swiss Casserole.  It was suppose to be made in this size dish.  YEAH!!!

Saturday 14 July, 2012

Back to the deer cam - I love this picture because of the sun coming through the trees & then going through this buck's antlers.

Sunday 15 July, 2012

Well, I'm packed for camp, meals made for the guys.  They have at least one good meal a day to eat while I'm gone, plenty of muffins for breakfast or cereal & they will have to come up with lunch.  They can cook, I just feel better leaving them with some meals in the freezer.  I picked this picture from the deer cam to share because of the baby coons to the right.  First time we had pictures of baby coons at the feeders always has been full grown adults.

Monday 16 July, 2012

CHURCH CAMP!!!  This was my first time helping at our Baptist Association's Children's Camp for grades 3rd through 6th.  This was the group of kids that went from our church.  There was a total of 125 campers & 49 staff.

Tuesday 17, July, 2012

The kids have an hour of elective time in the afternoon.  One of the electives that ran for the whole hour was going to the Baptist Home & playing games with the residents.  I had the privileged to go on the first day & had a great time.  Here is one of the girls from my cabin & a friend playing scrabble with two of the ladies.  We also had two tables of Skip-Bo going as well.

Wednesday 18, July, 2012

Another elective was "Girls Only".  The girls that came to this elective were taught how to paint their nails & braid hair.  The girl that braided the hair was from Uganda.  This is Katelyn who was from my church.  Her dad murdered her half-brother who was 7 yrs old. back in January (I posted about it).  She was living back & forth between her great grandmother & mom.  Her great grandmother was the one who always brought her & her sister & brothers to church but her great grandmother passed away from cancer about a month ago, so she doesn't come to church anymore.  She doesn't smile much these days, so this is a precious picture for me, to catch her smiling & enjoying life for a change.  Keep her in your prayers.  Our church is trying to find a way to get the kids to church & they plan on coming back to Awana when we start up the end of August.  Katelyn gave her life over to Jesus in December.

 Thursday 19 July, 2012

Another elective that ran for 30 min. was how to be a mascot.  Thursday night was program & the mascots showed off for us.  The little boy playing Spiderman really got into his character & as the theme song to Spiderman was playing he was flexing his muscles for the world to see how strong he was.

Friday 20 July, 2012

Camp was over & we basically spent the morning packing up & heading home.  This picture is from Tuesday.  I borrowed my son's underwater, digital camera & we had a blast with it.  Here is another picture of  Kaitlyn smiling.

Saturday 21 July, 2012

Welcome to the family Aubrey Mae Johnson, my new 2nd cousin once removed.  This is the first great grandchild born on my dad's side of the family.  The picture is of my Aunt Libby holding Aubrey Mae taken by my cousin & Augrey's grandma.

Sunday 22 July, 2012

I took this yesterday.  I just finished unpacking from camp, went to put some things away & came back to put my backpack up.  I found the following. . .

Motor is telling me that he is tired of me going all the time so he is making sure I know he is going the next time.

Monday 23 July, 2012

Okay deer cam to the rescue for the next 5 days.
I chose this one because of the buck scratching his nose.

 Tuesday 24 July, 2012

Another baby coon picture.  Don't know if he is coming down the tree or the big buck coming in scared him up the tree, but he is cute.

 Wednesday 25 July, 2012

This momma coon has major attitude.  Caption - Hey dude!!!  My babies were here first go eat your early breakfast somewhere else.

Thursday 26 July, 2012

Another set of fawns, but these are not twins, each with their momma.

Friday 27 July, 2012

I love the look of this buck's rack.

Saturday 28, July 2012

The day I have been waiting for.  My youngest son Josh came home from his mission trip to Germany.    He has been gone since 4 June.  Of course I was the first to hug him & start crying too.

Okay, I'm caught up again!!!  I HOPE to keep up with this & not get behind again.  We will see.  Have a great week & see you next week.