Saturday, January 7, 2012

365 Pictures week 1 1-7 Jan

Wow, this first week of 2012 is done.  It went by pretty fast for me.  I did manage to take 5 out of 7 pictures this week.  So here is my first week of 2012

 Sunday 1 Jan
Today was a nice relaxing day.  Church in the morning, nap in the afternoon, family time together in the afternoon & evening.  I started a new cross-stitch project.  When my grandmother passed away in 2005, you can say I inherited a van load of cross-stitch material, floss, & patterns.  I was the only grandchild of 19 grandchildren that cross-stitch.  So I've decided to start going through some of the projects she left me & get them done.

 Monday 2 Jan
Today was the last day of muzzle loading (black powder) season.  Time to clean the black powder guns, since the next season will not be until December.  This is my husband & youngest son, Josh.  Josh is cleaning his rifle.

 Tuesday 3 Jan
1st batch of muffins for the new year.  These are bran muffins with blueberries & pecans.  You can find the recipe at

 Wednesday 4 Jan
My son, Josh, took these pictures as I was busy cooking.  Something I do not do unless for special occasions, fry food.  I'm making my home made fried chicken for my boys before they go back to college at the end of the week.  They were both very, very happy.  Josh told me this had to be my picture of the day, Mom's fried chicken.

 Thursday 5 Jan
I didn't get a picture taken today but wanted to share this one from 31 Dec.  3/4 mile north from our home in my husband's distant cousins corn field was a dead deer that had been hit by a car about 10 feet from the road.  As my husband came home from work & passed the area, he called us & told us there were 4 American bald eagles eating on the deer.  I grabbed my camera, & my son Josh & I hopped in the jeep to get some pictures.  I was driving, so Josh took this picture of one of the eagles flying away from the deer as we got parallel with the eagles & deer.

 Friday 6 Jan
Happy 75th Birthday to my Uncle Jimmy

This picture was taken in October 2011 when I went to Texas to visit my family.

Saturday 7 Jan
My son Josh is going to Germany with Teen Missions International as the male assistant leader for the Germany Camp teen team this summer for two months.  This will be his 3rd trip with Teen Missions.  He went to Zambia & Tanzania, Africa, & Sweden when he was 13.  His 2nd trip he was 15 & went to Samoa & Australia.  Both trips were close to two months long.  I spent today getting his support letter together & ready to mail out.  I'm very excited & proud of my son being willing to give up his summer to serve the Lord.

Well, that is my week.  It was fun & fast.  The boys are back at school, so the house is quiet again.  Funny a small part of me is glad, hubby & me time, but a very large part of me is sad.  I miss my boys.  Can't wait to see everyone's pictures from this week.  God Bless