Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 Pictures 5 - 12 Feb 2011

I know I'm still off a day, but couldn't wait to post this weeks pictures.  Hope to get on track next week.  Good week took at least one picture a day. 
5 Feb
This is my husband on the right & my father-in-law (81 yrs old) on the left unloading a truck of wood from our farm.  YEAH!!!  We were almost out & it was in the negative numbers at night for this week.

6 Feb
This is a cross stitch I started a while back, then put it up because I didn't have time to work on it.  Now it is back out.  When I put it up, piglet and half the clouds were not done.  Hope to work on this every night when I watch TV.

7 Feb
Women Mission Union (WMU).  Every 1st Monday morning of the month our churches WMU group meets for a devotional & planning meeting.  The other Mondays we meet for Bible study.  We were missing some mom because of sick kids and very cold weather, but still had a great turn out.

8 Feb
Sunrise - another day God have given me to use for Him.  Nothing really plan for the day, just will see what God has in store.

9 Feb
Awana club at church.  This was my first night back as Spark director since my surgery.  It was fun to be back with the kids.  This is game time.  We had 36 Sparks that night.  Usually we have around 45 but there was an event at the high school that kept some kids away

10 Feb
Drove up to Des Moines, Iowa (2 hours north) to spend the day with my friend Brenda Nelson & her niece Adrianna who was visiting from Massachusetts.  We had a great day shopping.

11 Feb
Fuzzy - Really??? do we really need to be doing this right now?  I was sleeping you know...

12 Feb 
Today was the best day and will be posting several pictures.  Temp was 50 & I went out to the farm with my husband.  Something I probably shouldn't have done since I'm still recuperating from my surgery, but it felt good to get out & walk on the farm.  I know I'm going to pay for this tomorrow. Our farm is about 2 miles south west of our home, 120 acres of timber & hay ground.  The snow was anywhere from 4 inches to a foot & a half.  I had a blast finding the animal tracks.

Squirrel Tracks
Where the squirrel had dug out a hedge ball, then ate it

Opossum tracks

Buck Brush where the opossum ate.  Striped all the seed off.

Deer tracks - the trail

Mostly deer tracks, but their are other animals tracks on our creek

The deer had to dig through the snow & ice to get to water.  There where three of these within 15 feet of each other on the creek.

Deer bed - either last night or sometime today a deer was sleeping here.  The tracks & other signs around it where fresh.

The goal - getting back to our jeep.  By the time we had walked to the deer feeder & salt block, we had walked over a 1/4 of a mile, but it felt more like a mile with all the snow we tramped down.

My husband got the camera.  Me walking in the trail he broke, almost there.

Look people track!!!  Made it to the jeep, looking back over one of our trails we walked that day.