Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 Pictures 13-26 March

Okay, this has been a crazy two weeks.  I miss last week's post, so I'm posting two weeks worth.  Our oldest son came home from college about 3 weeks ago, finishing up his last two classes on line at home.  In the fall he will be transferring to a new college.  This week our youngest son came home from college for spring break, so both boys home & my no kid schedule is set aside, but I love having them home so worth it all.  Other news, saw my neurologist on Tuesday, had my last MRI of my head/brain.  The tonsils of my brain that had been squashed flat & scared are now round & plump, 3 months ahead of schedule!!!!  PTL!!!!  I'm released from my neuro doc & can go back to doing anything I want!?..... well what my bum knee will let me.  I see the knee doc this coming Monday & hope to get that surgery schedule, done & recovered so life will get back to normal.  Okay enough talking, time for pictures

Sunday 13 March
Well, I didn't see anything to take a picture of so I looked at our deer cam.  I liked this one because you can see the doe on the right licking the tree, trying to find some loose bark to eat.  The other one is sniffing on the salt block we put out for them to lick.

Monday 14 March

The fish tank is set up and has been for a week.  It is finally ready for fish!!!

Tuesday 15 March

And the fish has ARRIVE!!!!  YEAH!!!!  I haven't had an aquarium since I was 15, so I was thrilled.  We had 8 new fish.  Plan to get more in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday 16 March

Sitting watching TV; reached up to scratch Motor & my hand became his pillow.  You can't really see it but his other front paw is holding my hand so he can sleep on it.

Thursday 17 March
We put our hay fields on our farm into the ten-year program.  We have only about 24 cows which we split with my father-in-law & his farm provides plenty of hay, so this crop would go to waste.  Instead we don't farm it, maintain it to certain government regulations & the government pays us.  The reason for this is - the government puts farms in this program for emergency use.  It gives the ground a rest & if there is a food emergency, these farms will be released from the program to be farmed to help with food for our country.  Also it keeps old farm ground not being used from eroding & provides a wildlife refuge.  Our farm had to have the old crops, hay, burned off before it could be seeded back to native grasses.  This is my husband beginning to burn one of our old hay fields.

Friday 18 March

We went to open house at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where my oldest son will be going to college in the fall.  The school is in Kansas City, Missouri.  They have 1,000 of geese come to the college because of the two huge ponds on the campus.  I took these pictures sitting in my car in one of the parking lots.  The geese were about 5 feet away or less.

Saturday 19 March
We had Squirrel TV at the bird feeder today.

Oh No!!!  I've been caught!  or Whatcha looking at?????

Sunday 20 March
Our youngest son, Josh, came home from college & dumped his dirty laundry in front of the washing machine.  Motor was soooooo happy to have his brother home & his smelly clothes to sleep on.  Motor & Josh are more like brothers than human & cat.  They play tag with each other through the house & when Josh was little Motor would play with Legos with Josh, both digging in the Lego box to find the right brick.  Motor will be a very happy cat this week.

Monday 21 March
Another day I didn't get a picture taken, so I relied on the good ole deer cam.  This is a night shot, that is why it is black & white.  5 does feeding at the corn feeder.

Tuesday 22 March
We had a wicked storm come in & bring hail.  This is a piece of hail on our front porch.  That is my husband's finger point at the tail on the hail.

Wednesday 23 March
Awana is almost over.  This is Benton (the taller one) & Nicholas Crabtree.  They are TWIN brothers.  They are full of energy every Wednesday night & make the Sparks very interesting.

Thursday 24 March
A little American Gold Finch waiting its turn at the bird feeder.  You can see the buds on the branches.  Looks like Spring in very near........ but wait

Friday 25 March
This is the next day, 6 inches of snow overnight!!!!  All but an inch of it melted through the early morning.  Two American Gold Finches waiting for their turn at the feeder & wondering "Where in the world is SPRING????"

Saturday 26 March
Grouchy showing Josh where she hid her mouse under the stove.  Grouchy likes to use the stove as a soccer goal & about every three days we have to fish out her toy mice from under it using a flashlight & yard stick

Today was a good picture day with the cats.  We went to our church's Awana Derby, home for lunch & then nap time.  Even the cats took a nap.  Motor found a nice warm lap top to take his nap on.

Well, that is my past two weeks.  Look forward to seeing every one's pictures.