Sunday, November 27, 2011

365 Pictures 20 - 26 November

Well, another week has come & gone.  It was a great week for me because both my boys were home for Thanksgiving break.  It was very nice to have the boys laughter, teasing, a little arguing, but just "kid" noise back in the home.  Here is my week....

Sunday 20 November

Sunday evening we had a special invitation to Cabela's Visa member party.  We drove down to Kansas City Speedway area where Cabela's is located & arrived an hour early.  We decided go over to the Legends shopping area.  Last time Stephen & I were there it was being built.  They had this beautiful tree in the center.  The lights was synchronized with Manhiem's Christmas music.  Wish I had my camcorder with me to record it.  That is my son Josh is the picture.

Monday 21 November
2nd to last day of rifle season & my son Josh shot a nice size doe.  YEAH, more meat in the freezer for the year.

Tuesday 22 November
Motor was rolling around on the floor & stopped all of a sudden & meowed loud at us.  It was like "Help, my front side rolled but the back side is still stuck!"  He was fine after laying like this for my picture he got up & ran off.

Wednesday 23 November
Per my sons' request & husband's urging I started make jerky out of Wood's buck on Monday.  24 hours of marinating starting Monday evening, then 12 hours in the dehydrator.  I dehydrate 2lbs at a time.  This is what we had Wednesday morning.  This batch was hickory flavor.

Hard to believe that is 2lbs of meat sitting in that bag.  Wednesday afternoon I started batch 2 - Cajun flavor.  That batch was package up & split between the boys to take to college for the next 3 weeks.

Wednesday also meant family picture day.  It was the only day my husband had off work.  I really wanted to take our family pics outside but the weather was not nice.  So instead I hung my photo cloth between the opening of my dining room & living room & we took them inside.  This is the one I took using my camera timer.

Thursday 24 November
Since my husband had to work this afternoon.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at our home, just the 4 of us, while my husbands family celebrated at his sister's home an hour & 15 min south west of us in St. Joseph.  Then later in the evening 4 of my brother-in-law's 9 kids came over to hang out with their cousins.  In the picture left to right, my son Josh (19), son Wood (21), nephew Joel (17) standing.  On couch left to right nieces Anna (15), Esther (20) & Echo (22).  They had fun playing Wii & watching Netflix.

Friday 25 November
My Friday after Thanksgiving tradition, put the Christmas tree up & decorate the house for Christmas. Plus I do, do a little Christmas shopping on line.  This year we bought a thing for tree to go in that slowly turns the tree.  I LOVE IT!!!!  So here is our tree... first picture is taken with a flash &  2nd picture taken without a flash.

Saturday 26 November
Okay work family pictures, that either my son or I took on Wednesday, & made a collage to hang on my wall.  Then I play with it some more & made the next picture  4x6 collage to go in our Christmas cards.  Now I just have to order a batch & I can mail out my Christmas cards

Well, that is my week.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I know mine was fabulous & I'm a very blessed lady.  Can't wait to see everyone else's pics.  Have a great week.