Sunday, November 11, 2012

365 Pictures week 40-45; 30 September - 10 November

WOW!!!  I can't believe it has been 6 weeks since I last posted.  Life got busy around here.  I started working as a substitute teacher & doing a little more photography on the side, so I had to re-manage my time.  So here goes my catch-up:

Sunday 30 September, 2012

no picture

Monday 1 October, 2012

I have my allergies under control so I was able to go to our farm with my husband tonight.  As he worked on making a food plot for wild life, I took some picture of the landscape on the farm

Tuesday 2 October, 2012

I decided to experiment with some cooking.  I took a flour tortilla, brushed melted butter on it, sprinkled cinnamon sugar on it, cut into small triangles (like cutting a pizza) & then baked the triangles on a cookie  sheet & bake for 10 min. at 350.  Ended up with crispy cinnamon treats (as I call them).

I ended up using two tortillas & some of the slices wouldn't fit on the cookie sheet, so when I baked these I drizzled some honey on them. 
 I like these better than the ones above but my husband didn't.  He liked just the cinnamon sugared ones.

Wednesday 3 October, 2012

Deer cam day - notice we have jumped to the year 2025 a picture from the future :-)
Not really, husband had to change the batteries & on this deer cam it messes up the date & time.  He will fix it later.

Thursday 4 October, 2012

Today I took pictures at New Hampton Christian School.  Usually I take them outside at a park, but the weather was being nasty today, so I had to set up a indoor area.  This is a close up of one of the flower arrangements I used.

Friday 5 October, 2012

no picture, worked on editing school pictures all day

Saturday- Monday 6-8 October, 2012

I worked on school pictures the past three days, here are some of my favorites

Tuesday - Thursday 9-11 October, 2012

no pictures, after working on pictures, I caught up on housework instead

Friday -  Monday 12-15 October, 2012

I spent Friday evening taking pictures for a family at church.  Then the next four days working on them.  Here are my favorites from that shooting.

Tuesday 16 October, 2012

Of course had to make sure I had a cat picture; Grouchy & her mice.  Yes she is partly sleeping but not relaxing, waiting for her sister or brother cats to try & steal her mice.  She has a sharing problem :-)

Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Deer cam again - this is a little fuzzy, but it is a coyote running by the feeder.  We were told it is almost impossible to get a coyote picture because they run so fast, usually a big blur of fur.

Thursday 18 October, 2012

no picture

Friday 19 October, 2012

Found this recipe where you take crescent rolls, spread soften cream cheese on them & the add cooked bacon, chopped tomatoes & red or green bell peppers.  The peppers are missing because my hubby is not to found of them, so just bacon & tomato here.  Then you roll them up going from wide to narrow & bake according to the crescent roll directions.

Here are two of them done.  I was a nice light meal & we enjoyed them very much

Saturday - Sunday 20 -21 October, 2012

no pictures

Monday 22 October, 2012

My husband & I went to a Contra Dance tonight.  It was put together by some home school friends.  Basically we learn some old fashion dances & square dances.  This is the family that taught us how to dance, did the calling & playing of music.

Hubby & I getting ready for our first dance

Tuesday- Thursday 23 -25 October, 2012

no pics

Friday 26 October, 2012

I loved this one from the deer cam, with the sun shining behind the turkeys

Saturday 27 October, 2012

The mother of the family I showed pictures of above love the pictures so much she hired me to come & take family pictures at her mother-in-law's 83rd birthday party.  So I took those on today & worked on them.  Here is a collage I made of some of the pictures.

Sunday- Wednesday 28-31 October, 2012

no pics

Thursday 1 November, 2012

Okay deer cam or I should say RACCOON CAM.  The first 479 pictures on the cam were raccoon & raccoon only.  These three crack me up, two sitting back to back with one in the middle
 Hmm excuse me, could you please slide over a little I getting squashed in the middle
 Hey, there is a coon here in the middle, I'm not a pillow you know, I'm trying to eat too

Friday 2 November, 2012

After 479 picture of coons only, finally one of a deer, or part of a picture.

Saturday 3 November, 2012

Okay another simple recipe I found - you take two mini vanilla wafers; spread peanut butter between them to make a sandwich cookie & then dip the bottom have in melted chocolate.  Put in fridge to harden.  We loved them & I made a batch for Thanksgiving & put them in the freezer.

Sunday 4 November, 2012

What a strange looking deer on the deer cam.  Ha, ha - The pictures is a little dark, but this is my 9 year old niece Ali & her barbie helping grandpa fill the deer feeder

Monday- Friday 5-9 November, 2012

no pics

Saturday 10 November, 2012

Today I took pictures at my third wedding, so guess what will be on my blog next week.  When I came home this little frog was waiting to come in the front door.  I think he knows bad weather is coming & wants to be in a nice warm place.

YEAH!!!!  I'm caught up & hope I never miss that many weeks again.  I will warn you come January I will be going to Madagascar on a mission trip for 2 1/2 weeks, so will have to play catch up then, but hope not to get 6 weeks behind.  I have missed not seeing your pics, & hope to visit everyone & get caught up this week.  

Saturday, September 29, 2012

365 Pictures week 38-39; 16-29 September

I am  noticing that weeks are going by faster as the end of the year nears.  I can believe two weeks have gone by since I last posted.  Time to catch up. . . .

Sunday 16 September 2012

We had the annual Gass Family today.  This is my mother-in-law's mother's (husband's grandma) side of the family.  My husband's grandma came from a large family, so his mom had a lot of first cousins.  The ones that are still living get together every year in September.  There are some of my husband's generation there too & what kids we can bring along.  On our way to Trenton, we saw this long horn cow & I had to get a picture.  Get a load of the size of those horns.  My husband said he would hate to try to load that cow up in a trailer, how would it fit, too wide.

 Monday 17 September 2012

Women on Mission meeting & this morning we put together shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  If you don't know what this is, this is part of Samaritan's Purse which is own by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son.  You get these shoe boxes for free from them, fill them up with small toys, toothbrush, toothpaste, wash clothes, soap, books, etc. for kids then send them back with to Samaritan's Purse.  They ship they worldwide at Christmas to kids who would not get anything.  Some even stay in the US.  Our family has been doing this for years & when my boys were little they loved taking the shoe box to Walmart & see what all they could put into the box knowing it would bless a little boy who had nothing.  Great family project. 

 Tuesday - Wednesday 18-19 September 2012

No picture, major allergy attack these past two days didn't do anything but sneeze, blow my nose & stay indoors

Thursday 20 September 2012

Okay tried a new recipe - you are looking at fresh onions, chopped artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms & shrimp being saute in Italian dressing.  This was then serve on top of linguine noodles. I liked it but my husband didn't.  One he doesn't like artichoke hearts or Italian dressing.  I have been able to cook with Italian dressing & he has like the food, but this time he could taste it.  I was hoping the other foods would cover up the artichoke flavor, but nope he tasted those too.  Oh well, after 23yrs & 9 months of cooking for him this is recipe #5 he didn't like in that time period.

Friday 21 September 2012

No pictures

Saturday 22 September 2012

The guys are not hunting, boys back at college & hubby working so we can put corn back in the feeder.  I love these two pictures from the deer cam because of the sunlight & rainbow.  By the way, this is one of the cute fawns with the spots, almost grown up.  You can just barely make out her spots on the front & back shoulders.  Also no momma anymore they have pulled off & are on their own.

Sunday 23 September, 2012

No picture, but our church voted in a new pastor YEAH!!!!

Monday 24 September 2012

Turkeys at the feeder.  This one has an itch.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

As I pulled into my driveway this little squirrel was sitting on a post eating what is left of an apple that had fallen from the tree.  As I reach to get my camera ready, he jumped down & started running towards my jeep with the apple in his mouth.  Then he realized that I was in the jeep snapping picture & he scurried up the tree by our driveway.

This is him, sneaking a peak at me & notice no apple, he dropped it while going up the tree.

Wednesday 26 September 2012
See You At The Pole (SYATP) was today.  This is a national event where public school kids can gather around the their school flag pole & pray for their school & community.  It must be student led, but adults can be in the audience.  For the past three years our church has helped encourage this & served donuts & juice at the event.  This year another church joined our to help with the serving of breakfast as the kids came off the bus

The is Cole Ellis a 6th grader at my church.  He was the leader this year at this event.  He talk to the kids about Christ & gave a simple understanding of the plan of salvation.  Then he asked if anyone wanted to pray

This little boy in the blue baseball hat; who was a 2nd or 3rd grader volunteered to pray, then Cole closed with prayer

 Thursday 27 September 2012

I went to get the mail & notice our small tree by the mailbox was putting out flowers, so I had to grab my camera & get a picture.  I have never seen this tree put out flowers in the fall.

Friday 28 September 2012

Fall is here.  The trees are starting to turn.  I love fall

Saturday 29 September 2012

My husband & I went to go sit on our new couch tonight to watch a little TV & this is what we found...

no room for mom & dad, the kids are taking up the couch for a bed.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

365 Pictures week 37; 9-15 September

This has been a crazy week.  I can't believe I went from Sunday to Thursday & didn't take any pictures plus I didn't realize it until Friday UGH!!!!  Oh well, here is what I have to offer, enjoy & hope to do better next week.

Sunday - Thursday 9-13 September

No pictures :-(

Friday 14 September

When my son Josh graduated from high school, a friend's grandma asked for two of Josh's t-shirt that he liked a lot & willing to keep but not wear anymore.  She took those two t-shirts & made a pillow out of them.  Josh was cleaning out his closet & discovered he had a lot of t-shirts that he didn't wear but had sentimental value to him, so he asked Mrs. Mulnix if we could pay her to make a quilt out of those t-shirts & she did.  I delivered the t-shirts to her last Thursday, thinking we would get the quilt  back in time to surprise Josh for Christmas.  Well, she knew Josh was coming home this weekend to hunt to she sewed this wonderful quilt in a week for Josh to have when he came home & take back to college with him.

Saturday 15 September

A couple of pictures for today.  The first one some of you may not like, but it is life here for us.  My son Josh shot his first deer with a bow & arrow this morning.  It was a doe.  Thankful for the meat this will provide for our family this winter.

Later today we celebrated my grand niece Charleigh's 3rd birthday (actual day is tomorrow)  I had the honor of making a Tinkerbell cake for her.

This is my grand niece Charleigh, all excited about her birthday

And this is Carrigan my other grand niece & Charleigh's little sister.  She is 7 months old.

That is my week, short & sweet.  Have a great upcoming week & God bless

Sunday, September 9, 2012

365 Pictures week 36; 2-8 September


Sunday 2 September 2012

No pictures - allergies were giving me fits today, really should have taken a picture of my couch because that is where I spent the day fighting allergies
This will be the last week of deer cam pictures as we have to pull the corn to get ready for bow season.      We do not hunt where the feeders are, but we do hunt on the farm they are on, so we pull them a week before hunting seasons starts.

Monday 3 September 2012

Holiday baking has begun.  I try to start baking cookies & put them in the freezer for Thanksgiving & Christmas for company, family & college kids that come by. I had to make 6 dozen cookies for a church event, so I made extra to put in the freezer for the holidays.  This was the start.  The shallow container will go to church (when filled with 6 dozen of course) & the deeper/bigger one will go to the freezer.  These were chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

One from the deer cam - any want some coons???

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Tomorrow is trash day & recycle day.  I was tying into bundles the magazines, junk mail & newspapers we had to be recycled.  I took one stack out & came back for the other stacks & the cardboard.  This is what I found.
Fuzzy had been by the water bottles you see in the foreground playing with a piece of scrap string.  When I came back into the house she had claimed the cardboard (sitting on it) & one pile of magazines for herself.  Why???  I have no idea.  She made a fuss when I made her give up her treasure.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Deer cam #2 - the fawns are spending more time away from their moms, getting old enough to explore on their own, soon the spots will be gone.

Friday 7 September 2012

Made a new dish tonight call Saucy Pepper Steak served over white rice.  My husband thought it was one of the store bought mixes & was impressed I made it from scratch.  This one is a keeper.  The recipe is at my blog

Saturday 8 September 2012

Last one from the deer cam - the bucks have lost their velvet.  This one still has some velvet hanging on.  You can see it really good in the first picture but I didn't like the blurred doe, so had to add another.

Well that is my week.  Hope everyone had a good one.  See ya next week. God Bless!!