Sunday, August 21, 2011

365 Pictures 7-20 August

Okay, this two week posting WILL NOT become a habit.  I missed a week but my boys were home so I was side track with them.  Now they are both back at college & the house is empty & quiet.  NO LIKEY!!  So to play catch here are my pictures for the past two weeks.

Sunday 7 August
Driving home from evening church I had a robin fly into my car & get stuck where the side mirror is attached.  When I got home, I took a picture of it for my younger son to see & notice that I caught the sunset in my windows.  So I took another picture focusing on my windows capturing the sun setting to the east of our driveway.

Monday 8 August
I loved this picture from the deer cam because the fawns are eating head to head making it look like a mirror image.  The fawns are almost as big as their mommas.

Tuesday 9 August
Another deer cam.  I picked this one because the fawn is checking out the buck.  This is not a normal occurrence  despite what the movie "Bambi" shows.  Bucks usually have nothing to do with the fawns & even stay away from them until they are mature to mate with.

Wednesday 10  August
Nice 7pt buck plus a couple of coons.

Thursday 11 August
Today 19 years ago Joshua Caleb Marshall blessed our lives.  Josh was our prayer baby as we almost lost him twice during the pregnancy.  He is a day old in this picture.

Friday 12 August
My husband was trying to have his morning devotion when Motor  (white & grey cat) climb on his legs to cuddle.  That was fine except Grouchy (grey cat) doesn't like anyone sleeping on her daddy's legs but her.  So of course she had to come & push her way in between daddy & brother.  Usually when she does this, Motor will eventually leave but not today . . . .

Motor hung on & won!!!!  Grouchy had to go lay by daddy's feet instead & pout

Saturday 13 August
This is my son Wood & his girlfriend Susan.  Wood was giving his presentation at church on his mission trip to Russia and Susan came to support him.  If things go as they are planning, she will be my future daughter-in-law in the spring of 2013.  They want to finish college before they get married.

Sunday 14 August
Deer Cam saves the day.  Two nice bucks eating at the corn feeder.  Our two older trail cams have bit the dust so we are down to one instead of three.  Kinda of a yeah because now I have something to buy my husband for Christmas.

Monday 15 August
This was the week for buck pics.  The buck have not been coming out from their bedding area because when their racks grow it causes them a lot of pain basically headaches, now they are done growing they are moving around a lot.  We had mostly buck pictures this week, hardly any doe or fawns.

Tuesday 16 August
Motor is not much of a lap cat but after my son Wood packed up his things to move to college, Motor quickly climb into his lap for one last snuggle time.  Really this is a "Please don't leave me with the old folks!!! They are no fun!"

Wednesday 17 August
Today 21 years ago August Wood Marshall II was born.  He is named after his great grandfather & no we did not plan to have him born in August.  Wood is 3 days old in this picture.

Also today we moved Wood into his new college Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is in the undergraduate program - majoring in Biblical Studies.  This is his new dorm.

 Thursday 18 August
My son Josh went hunting this morning with his Youth Pastor Dan Yates & close friend Greg Bowman.  They came back to my home with one squirrel & 8 frogs.  I'm sparing you the kill pic I took for Josh's scrapbook.  Instead here is a picture of my son frying the squirrel & frog legs for the guys lunch.  Josh did all the cooking & cleaning of my kitchen.  The guys were delighted with their lunch.  I had a sweet potato for my lunch.

Friday 19 August
As Josh started packing to go back to college, I did a 5 min. shadowbox project.  Josh was award the Army ROTC Silver Medal in May.  He is not in the Army ROTC but participate as a volunteer with them in their exercises & physical training.  Also because the unit is small at his college he does get to fill in for some of the ceremonial events.  Josh will be going in to the Marine Corps when he graduates from college.  There is no Marine ROTC at his college so that is why he volunteers for the Army one.  I put his award & medal in a shadowbox for him to hang in his dorm room at college.

Saturday 20 August
No picture today.  I was too busy catching up & forgot to take one.

Have a great week.  Can't wait to see everyone else's picks