Saturday, September 10, 2011

365 Pictures 4-10 September

Another great week.  The weather was very cool, a little early for fall but loved it.  Stayed home most of the week.  The bucks have shed their velvet and we only got one day of pics on the deer cam.  Here is my week.

Sunday 4 September
Coming home from church.  Another beautiful sunset in the country

Monday 5 September
My husband made the bed this morning.  I have some stuff animals on my bed that have special meaning for me, 6 of them to be exact.  My husband took two of them & put them together hugging each other, his way of reminding me every time I walk in the bedroom that he is giving me a hug when he is not around.

Also found this little pillow I made for my husband when he flew for the Air Guard/Air Force.  This is on our bed too.

 Tuesday 6 September
This is me practicing shooting with my bow.  In another week it will be bow deer season.  Yes, we hunt & we only shoot what we eat.  Also the deer corn feeder & salt block on our farm are not near our hunting area on the farm, so no one worries.  Deer is our main source of meat, we process it our selves, so 98% lean & healthy for us, also helps cut down on the food bill, & helps thin the herd since there are so many in our area & may cut down on the car accidents involving deer.

My grouping.  Not bad since I haven't shot my bow for year.

Wednesday 7 September
Awana started tonight.  I'm the Sparks (K-2nd) director.  We had 39 Sparks & 99 kids total for attendance.  This is our largest first night attendance since this church started Awana 8 years ago.  It is going to be a fun year.

Thursday 8 September
If you look closely you will see what looks like something hanging from the buck's antlers.  It is what is left of  the velvet on his antlers.  The bucks have shed their velvet this week, which means buck will start fighting to see who is the boss.  We only had two pictures of this buck & his hanging velvet.  This was the better one.

The next day, maybe the same buck.  All his velvet is gone & he has a new, strong, beautiful rack

Friday 9 September
YEAH!!!! Both my boys are home for the weekend - a complete family.  When they come home they drop their stuff behind my couch, that is what is picture is.  Wood is home because he forgot to take his winter coats with him to school.  Good thing he is 1 1/2 hours away.  Josh came home because he had to collect 50 species of weeds for one of his agriculture classes.  He & his dad will be collecting them tomorrow morning.  Josh's college is 5 hours away.

Saturday 10 September
I'm packing today.  I will be going back to Joplin, MO on my 2nd mission trip to help with more clean up.  We have a group of 15 going from my church & other churches in the area.  We will leave Sunday afternoon & get back Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Both my boys doing college homework.  Reminds me of our days of home schooling except they would be in our school room working instead of the dining room table.  Josh on the right (no shirt) is working on Western Civ. & Wood (no hair) on the left is learning Hebrew.  From the reactions - Josh is enjoying Western Civ. more than Wood is enjoying Hebrew.

Well, that is my week.  Hope all of you had a great week.  God Bless.