Sunday, November 6, 2011

365 Pictures 30 October - 5 November

It has been a great week.  A little busy but still good.  I did better on getting a picture a day.  Goal for next week is to get at least one picture a day.  Here is my week.

Sunday 30 October
no picture

Monday 31 October
no picture

Tuesday 1 November
Okay, I decided to try a gluten free recipe since I have friends/adoptive family that need to eat gluten free.  The recipe was gluten free chocolate chip muffins. I followed the directions very carefully & this is what I got

They still taste good - a little gritty tasting but my husband liked them, but look terrible.  About 3 hours later while working on my computer it dawned on me that maybe my cornstarch was too old & that was the problem.  I went to get the container I used that I thought was my cornstarch & found out it was baking powder instead.  So instead of adding 1/4 cup of corn starch, I added a 1/4 cup of baking powder.  So I will retry the recipe this week & let you know how it turned out

Wednesday 2 November
This is where I spent my day being a substitute secretary at my church.  Our church secretary had to be gone for the day, so I filled in answering the phone & taking messages.  A very relaxing day.

Thursday 3 November
Thursday afternoon was spent taking family pictures for friends.  They were suppose to be taken outside on their farm but with temps in the 50's & wind blowing 20 to 30mph, we decided to take them inside.  This is one of my favorites, unedited.  I will post the edited ones next week.

Maria & I found a large mirror & had some fun with it trying different poses & trying to find a room with a good background to reflect back in the mirror.  This was the best one.  Next time I take her pictures, we are going to take the mirror outside & see what we can do.

Friday 4 November
Of course I had to include one from the deer cam.  This was taken Thursday but I didn't have a picture for today.  I picked this one because of the wild turkeys.  

5 minutes later deer is gone & something has made the turkeys fly/run

Saturday 5 November
My house is over 100 years old.  The original parts (5 rooms) all had 10 ft ceilings.  I'm glad to say, 3 of the rooms now have 8ft ceilings, but the kitchen & dining room still have 10ft ceilings.  In my kitchen I have 2ft of space between the top of my cabinets & ceiling, so I decided to make something to go up their to decorate it.  I made a picket fence out of white, thick poster board & put it a the green, floral, foam rectangle.  Then I decorate the fence & bottom for the season.  I have 4 of these two for each side of my kitchen.  I finally was able to decorate my fences for fall/Thanksgiving
I think I need to get some more leaves for this one

This is the two fences on top of my cabinets.  Everything is what I bought on sale two years ago except the big scarecrow on the right.  I got his this year to add to my scene.  He was 50% of f at Hobby Lobby.

Okay, those are my pictures for the week.  I can't wait to see the rest of the groups.  Have a blessed week.