Sunday, January 15, 2012

365 Pictures week 2 8-14 Jan

This past week started out good, but then we had a small tragedy, that broke my heart.  Wednesday, a little 6 year old boy Jeremiah Lamm who was in my Sparks class in Awana at church died.  It was really hard because of how he died.  Well, here is my week.

Sunday 8 Jan
 Okay, here is a week's worth of cross-stitching.  Besides going to church, taking a nap, & washing dishes, this is what I did today, cross-stitch & relax.

Monday 9 Jan
Deer Cam pic - Great pic of turkeys at our corn feeder.  I love my trail/deer cam

Tuesday 10 Jan
Okay it is 54 degrees in January, in North Central Missouri & we are grilling hamburgers.  Not normal baby, but will enjoy it as much as we can.  My head where I had surgery is hurting, so it means big change is on the way.

Wednesday 11 Jan
Yeap the head was right, weather change.  Top temp 5.9 degrees is outside & 66.4 is our house temp at 5:51am.  I'm glad I took this picture, because this was the day that I found out about Jeremiah & I was not in the moved to take any pictures.  Jeremiah was 6 & died in a trailer house fire.  I spent the rest of the day getting ready to deal with our Spark kids in Awana tonight.

Thursday 12 Jan
We got a dusting of snow on the ground & the deer came pouring into the deer feeder.  There are 4 deer in the picture.  I'm doing much better about Jeremiah's death, moving on.

Friday 13 Jan
This picture was taken in Sept, 2011.  This is little Jeremiah.  My heart was torn open again today because it was announced on the news that Jeremiah's dad strangled him to death, then set the trailer on fire to cover up the murder.  The dad is in jail awaiting his trial.  Next to Jeremiah is Katie.  Katie is down syndrome.  In school & in Awana, Jeremiah always looked out for Katie, took care of her, made sure she was where she was suppose to be, doing what she should & making sure she paid attention to the Bible stories in Sparks.  No one was going to hurt Katie when Jeremiah was around.  He will be greatly missed, but I know he is in heaven with Jesus.  I can't wait to see him again.

Saturday 14 Jan

Baking day.  I made baked pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast.  My husband hates pumpkin, but says this doesn't taste like pumpkin & he loves it.  The recipe is at I also made two pumpkin breads today but forgot to get a picture.  Maybe next time.

Well, that is my week.  I'm sorry if it was depressing.  But you can learn a lesson.  Love your kids, no matter how old, give them a hug, tell you love them, spend time with them because, make sure they know Jesus as their personal Savior because in a blink of an eye, they can be gone.  Talk to ya next week.