Saturday, October 22, 2011

365 Pictures 9-22 October

Well I was gone last weekend to Texas & had a wonderful time seeing family I hadn't seen in 6 years.  This week was getting caught on things from being gone.  Hoping for some normal weeks to come.  Here are my two weeks:

Sunday 9 October
I didn't get a picture taken today, to busy getting ready for my trip so wanted to share this one from the deer came.  Two beautiful bucks at our corn feeder

Monday 10 October
Again no picture taken but this is my other favorite picture from the deer cam this week.  By the way this is the mother deer & her two twins I have shown earlier in this blog.  The twins are all grown up.  I like the symmetry - 3 deer & 3 turkeys

Tuesday 11 October

Oldest son is home for fall break.  He saw a squirrel in the front yard early this morning & had to grab his cat so she could watch it.  She was very focused, tail swishing back & forth & if she could have, she would have jump through the window to get the squirrel.

Wednesday 12 October
Tuesday night I took pictures of the family. I worked on them this afternoon & this is my favorite so far.

Thursday 13 October
I got up at 6:30am & on the road by 7:15am on a 9 hour drive to Texas, by myself.  I had not seen my two uncles on my dad's side of the family in 6 years & needed to visit.  My husband couldn't get off work, so road trip for me.  This is the sun coming up on the interstate as I head south.  It was a beautiful morning & easy drive down.

Friday 14 October
This is my Uncle Danny & Aunt Libby Edgmon.  I stayed with them from Thursday night until Sunday morning.  My Aunt was the perfect hosted & even spoiled me a little with home made fudge candy.  She only make that for Thanksgiving, Christmas & special occasions.  I guest I was a special occasion.

Saturday 15 October
Chase & Cindy

Kim, Cassidy & Coulson
I spent the whole morning & afternoon with my cousin Cindy & her precious babies, my 1st cousins 1x removed.  Cassidy & Coulson are twins who will be 2yrs old in November. & Chase is 3 months old.  It was a lot of fun helping take care of them & playing with them.  In the evening my cousin Cindy took me to Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth for supper just us two girls for a girls night out.

Sunday 16 October
Sunday morning I went to church with my Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Connie Edgmon & spent the afternoon visiting with them.  These are Cindy's parents.

Monday 17 October
I spent Sunday evening/night with my cousin Michaela.  We had to get up early for her to go to work & for me to drive back home.  There was no one home to take our picture, so Michaela held the camera & snapped this one.  It was a wonderful 5 days in Fort Worth & hope to make the trip again but sooner than another 6 years.

Tuesday- Friday 18 - 21 October
I didn't take any pictures these days.  I was too busy unpacking from my trip, laundry, housework & catching up on being gone.

Saturday 22 October
Another beautiful morning here in Missouri.  I took this picture in the driveway of my brother-in-law's place.  I was picking up two of my nieces to go shopping with in the Amish community in Jamesport.

This was the DEAL of the day.  These were beautiful mums were suppose to be $8.50 each.  My nieces took a picture & sent it to their brother because he wanted some nice flowers to line his sidewalk to his house.  Elisha told us to get 6 of them!!  I wanted two of them.  The Amish gentleman selling them said if you buy 10 plants I will mark them down to $8.00.  My nieces each bought one.  It was fun getting the 10 plants in my Jeep along with the groceries we had already bought but we managed to fit 8 in & each niece held one in her lap for the last two.

That is my past two weeks.  Hope everyone had a great week.  Looking forward to the up coming week.
God Bless!!!