Sunday, May 15, 2011

365 Pictures 8-14 May 2011

Well another week done and we get closer to summer.  What a great week for me to take pictures.  We had some weird weather this week.  Temperatures ranged from 60's to 90's sometimes in the same day.  Perfect tornado weather

Sunday 8 May 2011
It has started to get a little warm around here, which means the boys attic bedroom is getting hot.  A couple of weeks ago we ran the ac up there & it was fine.  But late Saturday afternoon we turn on the ac because the attic bedroom was getting hot & the compression quit working.  By 10:00pm it was cool enough to suck in cool outside air for my oldest to sleep with a fan blowing but not the younger boy, so he camp out in the living room.  This morning when he got up to take a shower, Motor quickly claimed the air mattress as his new bed.

Monday 9 May 2011
Okay, I didn't get a picture taken on today & neither did the two deer cams, but had to share these pictures anyways.  The first one if from the 10th, I had this little buck last week.  Notice his buttons have gotten bigger & are starting to spilt, so right now we know this buck will be a 4 pointer.  We are also feeding coons at the corn feeder

The 12th, a daytime picture of "Bucky" (what I named him).  You can really see his antlers well in this pictures.  Can't wait to see what he will look like next week.

Tuesday 10 May 2011
We spent the afternoon on the road going to my therapy in Bethany, then on to St. Joseph for shopping & a late Mother's Day, early Birthday supper with my mom.  On the way home I relized I didn't have a picture for the day so I ask my son Josh (18yrs) to please take a picture while I was driving if he sees anything interesting.  These are the highlights of the 50 some pictures he took
His feet kicked up & relaxing looking for something to take

My favorite in the bunch, the sun setting in the driver's side mirror.  Josh can be very creative.

Of course Josh taking a picture of himself in the passenger's side mirror

Wednesday 11 May 2011
Okay, yesterday it was hot, humid & 93 degrees.  This morning it was 68 & we had three storms between 5:45am & 8:30am.  The third storm brought hail for about 5 min. as you can see in this picture.

When the storm was over my son Josh went out & picked up a piece of hail to see how large the hail was.  Quarter size, not good since some of the farmers in the area are starting to have corn come through.

My oldest son Wood bought a new travel camera to take on his mission trip to Russia, Mongolia & China.  He was testing it out this morning & Motor decided he wanted a photo shoot and we didn't prompt him, he did these poses all on his own.  This is his "Angry Face"

This is his "I'm soooo cute" pose.  HAM!!!!

Thursday 12 May 2011
This is my good friend Elshana.  She had to have surgery on her foot about two weeks ago & is still not allowe to be on it.  So I had the wonderful blessing of fixing her family a meal & getting to visit with her for 2 hours today.  Plan to do that next week.

This is Elshana's foot, she was able to upgrade from a plaster cast to a moon boot.  YEAH!!!  But not allowed to put any weight on it until the begining of June

Friday 13 May 2011
Women of Faith Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the WOF Conference in Des Moines with my "adoptive" mom.  It was wonderful, awesome, emotional, & a great blessing

Mary Mary in concert.

The WOF ladies on the "porch" getting down with Mary Mary.  Lucy Swindoll is my favorite speaker & it was fun watching her dance & praise the Lord with all the ladies at a young age of 78
The view from my hotel room.  We were on the 18th floor.  Down town Des Moines lit up at night.

Saturday 14 May 2011
My "adoptive" mom Marsha Bristley, who I spent the weekend with at the WOF conference.  She didn't legally adopt me, but was friends with my mom during my high school years.  When my mom stopped being a mom, she filled in even though she was a single mom raising three kids & had some storms she was going through at the same time I was going through mine.  The day after I graduate from high school, I was being left on my own at 18 & would have been living on the streets.  But Marsha found out what was happening & arranged for me to live with her sister as a live in nanny.  She is a super big blessing to my.  Love ya.

That is the end of my week.  Hope you had a great one & a wonderful one yet to come.  God Bless.