Saturday, March 3, 2012

365 Pictures week 9 26 Feb - 3 March

This week seemed to go by fast.  I was off work all week as the family I work for went to Mexico for a vacation.  So I worked on projects around the house & forgot to take pictures most of the time.  So here are the few that did make it into my camera plus a couple extras for special occasions.

Sunday 26 February
no picture

Monday 27 February
On my way to Bible study & I was able to see this beautiful sunset.

Tuesday 28 February
Happy 48th B-day to my older brother Robert!!!

Wednesday 29 February
I didn't take this picture but had to post it.  Say hello to my new grand niece Carrigan Elaine Ford born today at 12:07am!!!!  She is about an hour old in this picture.

Motor has made it in the spotlight again this week, thanks to Daddy spoiling him.  Motor likes yogurt but only certain flavors.  I'm the same way & our favorite is Yo-plait Chocolate Whips.  Now when I'm done eating out of the container (Motor usually hears my spoon scraping the sides) I give him the container to lick.  He usually only get the top since he can't fit his nose all the way to the bottom.  Daddy decided to spoil him this morning & cut the container in half, that way he can lick it clean.  Motor was sooooo happy that morning.

Thursday 1 March
no picture

Friday 2 March
We had a huge snowstorm this morning.  The flakes were as big as half dollars for the first hour & went to teeny, tiny flakes for about two hours, then stopped, sun came out & the temps made it to 47, so all the snow melted away by 12:00pm

Hubby has to bee at work tomorrow by 6:00am & he ate the last of the muffins this morning.  So I saw this on pinterest & had to make it.  It is called Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring. Very, Very easy & quick.  Recipe will  be at my blog

Saturday 3 March
This cute little boy is turning 92 today.  Happy birthday to my husband's Uncle Don Marshall
This is the most currant picture I have of Uncle Don.  This picture was taken Jan. 2010 at my father-in-law's 80th birthday party.  Uncle Don would turn 90 in two months.  On the left is my father-in-law Charles & on the right is Uncle Don.

Okay I didn't forget my cross stitch for my fans.  It is almost done.  I always leave white for last because it can get dirty so easily.  So I'm left with the white parts to be cross stitched & then adding the saying & details.  Hope to get it done this up coming week.

Well, that is my week.  Looking forward to see how everyone else's went.  God Bless

Sunday, February 26, 2012

365 Pictures weeks 7 & 8 12 - 25 Feb

Okay, started working on my picture blog one day at a time, then I miss a day, then another, then whoa. . . two weeks had gone by way too fast.  So here is what kept me busy. . . I think

Sunday 12 February
No picture.  I was sick all day :-(

Monday 13 February

Woke up to our first snow storm of the year & winter!!!!  YEAH!!!!  I like how pretty it looks not driving in it.  The birds were busy eating food & digging the stash they had on the ground.

Tuesday 14 February
Happy Valentine's Day!!!  My husband & I agreed not to buy anything this year because our trip to California in March would be part of each other's gift.  He forgot & bought me this Precious Moments.  The name of this figurine is "You Hold the Key to my Heart".  I had nothing for him, so on his break at work (Wal-Mart) we went shopping & he bought two new TV trays that we needed for the house as his gift.  I surprised him when he came home by fixing his favorite meal, liver,onions, mash potatoes & gravy.

Wednesday 15 February
No picture.  We are down to one car & I had to do a lot of running today for me & my husband.

Thursday 16 February
No picture again, not sure why or what I was doing or maybe not doing anything???

Friday 17 February
Okay three pics for today since I miss Wed. & Thurs.  My oldest son, Wood & I worked the Teen Missions International booth at Winter Jame in Kansas City.  Yes, we did this in January.  I live exactly halfway between Des Moines & Kansas City.  It was a lot of fun!!!
My son Wood & Steve Petersen (TMI representative) on stage to talk about TMI & Wood threw a shirt out into the audience

The only part of the concert I really wanted to watch, worked the rest of the concert & could hear it just fine out in the foyer.  Peter Furler & Phil Joel together again.  It was like listening to the Newsboys back in the day.

Our work crew for the TMI Booth

Saturday 18 February
Our Women on Mission group held a Daddy/Daughter Date night.  It was our first & hope to become an annual event.  We had 14 dad, 18 daughters, 1 guest speaker, & 11 workers attend.  It was fun.  I was the photographer.  We had a picture time, supper, games, then a guest speaker for the dads, while the older girls made a craft & the younger girls had their nails painted.
The best game of the night.  You had to take an Oreo & place it on your forehead.  Then using your facial muscles only, wiggle the Oreo down to your mouth & eat it.

One of the ladies made the balloon back ground.  I took the pictures & made this picture to give to the families at church.

Sunday 19 February
Update on the cross-stitch.  I missed working on this while I was in Haiti.  I'm back into my routine of working on this in the evenings when I watch TV with the hubby.  I already have my next project in mind when this one is done.

Monday 20 February
Baking day - hubby has some early morning starts at work, so I needed to make some muffins, so he can take his breakfast on the road.  These are Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins.  The are good plain or sometimes I like to add chocolate chips & nuts, which makes them taste like a Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffin.  The recipe is at my cooking blog at this link

Tuesday 21 February
no picture

Wednesday 22 February
Good Morning World!!!  My husband had to be at work by 700am today, & since we are still down to one car & I needed it today, I had to drive him to work which means hitting the road at 630am.  On the way home the sun was rising & I felt blessed to watch it all the way home & still have time to stop by the house, run in & grab my camera & drive two blocks to the eastern edge of town.  What a wonderful  to start the day, watching God paint the sky.

close up of the sun rising

Thursday 23 February
no picture :-(
Friday 24 February
Yesterday our high was 54 & cloudy, but still a nice day.  Today this is what we woke up to
Temps down to 17 & a light dusting of snow.  Half of our front yard didn't get any as you can see because of tree cover.  By 9:00am all the snow was melted & we managed to get up to 35 for the high.

Saturday 25 February
When my boys were in high school all 4 of use would go to bed around 10:00pm.  We would all brush our teeth at the same time (one bathroom house) & get drinks of water.  Our cat Motor caught on & starting meeting us in the bathroom for his drink of water with the family.  If is was past 10:00pm, & we were home, just staying up late, he would be in the bathroom howling for us to come, a very schedule cat.  Well this still continues even though both boys are in college.  Usually Motor drinks his water out  of a cup sitting on the counter, but my husband has started playing with him a little.  So here is Motor getting his bedtime drink with a little help from Dad.

Another week or I should say two have past & been recorded.  I can't believe this up coming week is the last in February & 1/6 of the year is done.  WOW!!!  God Bless