Monday, May 14, 2012

365 Pictures week 18-19; 29 April - 12 May

Posting for two weeks again & not too many pictures.  I have been on the run & just haven't had time to take pictures when my camera was with me or of course great picture shot & no camera with me.  Oh well, maybe I will do better this week.  Here is my post -

Sunday 29 April

We had our "Graduation Celebration" for the grads at our church.  This year we had 5 high school graduates & 4 were able to make it to the party.

Monday 30 April

 No Picture

Tuesday 1 May

I spent the morning with my wonderful friend Shawna & her little boy Jackson.  Shawna used to live 20 min. from me now she lives 1hr. 15min. from me.  We had a great time together

After visiting Shawna, I swung by my son's, Wood, college to drop off some items he needed.  Next to his dorm room entrance in the flower planter was a goose nest.  If you look closely, you can see two white eggs buried under the mulch.

And here are the parents about 50 feet away taking a stroll on campus.

Wednesday - Friday 2-4 May

no pictures

Saturday 5 May

End of the school year Sunday School fun trip.  I helped chaperone & drive one of 3 turtle tops buses to Kansas City Zoo full of 1st - 6th grade kids from our church's Sunday school classes.  Some of the parents chaperoned, so kids under 1st also came with them.  We had 38 kids & 17 adults & had a blast.

This polar bear was very entertaining.

Sunday - Thursday  6-10 May

No pictures.

Friday 11 May

This afternoon I received a call from my friend Jennifer Heintz.  Her daughter Ruby was in my Sparks class & playing coach pitch softball.  Her team was playing an away game in the town I live in & Ruby wanted to invite me & my husband to come watch.  So we did & also on Ruby's team was three other girls from my Sparks class at church.  I had a blast watching them play & taking lot of pictures, 103 picture to be exact.  You think it was my own kids playing, but in a way they are.  Love these girls.
These two pictures are Miss Ruby.  She just finished Kindergarten.  Every time she was up to bat she hit the ball.  Two of her hits were home runs, one being a double scoring home run & the other a triple

Ruby coming home

Another Kindergarten - Hannah.  She was also a good hitter

This is Megan, Hannah's cousin, as finished Kindergarten.  She hit this one & made it to first.

First time playing catcher.

This is Megan's twin sister Morgan.

By the way, they won their game 23 to 6.

Saturday 12 May

No pictures.

Once again I'm caught up on my pics.  Have a great week & Happy Mother's Day.