Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365 - 3-9 April

Well, another week has come & gone.  Did a lot better on taking pictures this week.  Weather was weird, some days very warm & nice, then we drop to freezing temps & rain.  Well, let's see what caught my eye or came into my life this week

Sunday 3 April
On Saturday, I went to the city to return my dead fish (still under warranty) & add some more to the tank.  Three of the newer fish were bigger than than the first batch we got.  They caught Fuzzy's eye & she was determined to have some Sushi for breakfast. She was very gentle when she pawed at the tank.

 New fish #1 - called him Blackie, he is a type of guppy

New fish #2 - Domino, another guppy

New fish #3 - Pointdexter.  This one is funny.  He has gotten use to the cats watching and not afraid of them.  In fact it the cats walk by the tank & he spies them, he starts swimming in loops in the front part of the tank so the cats will try & get him.  When the cats do, he swims very fast to the top of the tank, like is is almost going to jump out.  Very funny to watch.

Monday 4 April
It took Motor till Monday to discover the new fish.  He was more in a stealth mood but later he would stand up in the front of the tank like fuzzy.  He also pawed at the tank but it was more of a pounce then slap.

Tuesday 5 April
Election Day in Missouri.  I work the election polls from 5:00am - 9:00pm.  I was head supervising election judge - first time working at the position.  These are the three other ladies that worked with me & my husband checking in to vote.  He was the first voter at 6:04am.  It was a long day, but fun.  Not much on the ballot, so it was also a slow day & I got a lot of cross stitching done.

Wednesday 6 April
First off - a Happy Birthday to my nephew Jesse David Marshall.  He turns 24yrs old today.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Jesse when he was 4yrs old.

I went back to New Hampton Christian School, where I taught until Dec 2011 (had to quit because of my surgery & 3 - 6 month recovery).  I needed to take class pictures & one of the whole student body.  The ones I took in the fall were out dated since three new students join after Christmas.
This is the elementary class - my class that I taught.  Two of the new students are in this group.

Jr./Sr. High class - Miss Jamie's Room

Jr./Sr. High Pastor Paul's Room

2010 - 2011 Student Body of New Hampton Christian School

Thursday 7 April
Not the best picture.  I took it through my picture window while it was lightly raining.  The male American Goldfinches are starting to loose their winter brownish, yellow feather & have their beautiful, bright, yellow feathers shine through as you can see on this male.  Now I will be able to tell the females & males apart.

Friday 8 April
Our second day of cold, wet, rain weather so I was in the mood to make soup.  Today 2x4 (two by four) Soup.  This is a slightly spicy, Mexican style, thick soup.  Best eaten with tortilla chips.  I like using the scoops & when I was shopping yesterday I found these new (at least to me) Tostitos Multi grain Scoops!!!  The recipe to this is on my new recipe blog called "Good Cooking" & the link is on the right side of my blog page.  I also put the Bran muffin recipe (I posted back in Feb.) on this link.

Saturday 9 April
I decided today to start taking pictures of the little town I live in each day until I'm done.  I do mean little - population 382 according to 2010 census.  So I'm standing in my front yard, we have a corner house & when you look southwest you see the Gilman City Rural Volunteer Fire Department.  This is also where everyone came to vote on Tuesday.  If you look behind the fire station to the right of the picture you will see a pavilion (will take better picture tomorrow).  This is also the main city park.  I think this fire station is about 15 years old or younger.  When we moved here in December of 1991 this was just an empty, grassy lot.

Well, that is my week.  Hope all of you had a great one.  God Bless.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project 365 - 27 March - 2 April

Not a good week for me to take pictures.  When I had a great shot, didn't have my camera & of course when I had my camera no picture to be taken.  But, I did spend a lot of time this week doing digital scrap booking & editing some pictures I took for the Christian school I use to work at.  I put together a digital yearbook & regular one, so that is taking up most of my time the next couple of weeks.  Also saw the doc & so far no knee surgery.  Have spent 6 weeks trying to stay off it as much as possible, now I get to spend the next 6 weeks having physical therapy twice a week.  Hoping that will help my meniscus to heal & I won't have to have surgery.  Now, back to this week.

Sunday 27 March
Every eight weeks I have the privilege to serve in the 2's & 3's children's church for two weeks in a row, then off for another eight weeks etc.  This Sunday was my turn.  We had 5 this Sunday, but could get up to 8 if they all come.  These are the cuties that bless my time with them playing with play dough.

Monday 28 March
Does this bring back memories for any Avon Ladies???  My parents divorced when I was 16.  Mom went back to Dad when I was 18 (I was in college & on my own) for a year, but things didn't work out & she left with what ever she could pack in two suitcases.  Well, I guess Dad has decided to go through the stuff she left behind.  I had a surprise package in the mail with these 6 Avon collectible perfume holders in it.  The perfume, that is somewhere between 25 to 30 years old, was still in the bottles.  They didn't smell too great either.  I also got a package Tuesday with another 6, but most of them had broke, so no picture.  Luckily he had wrapped each one in paper towels & put each on in a separate plastic bag.

Tuesday 29 March
Here is a picture I took back in September for school pictures, it was in color.  Then today I edited it on picnik for the school digital yearbook.  This is for a small Christian school on it's5th year & has 21 students.  For the slide show I have a slide with the student's school picture & followed by a fun picture to show the student body.

Wednesday 30 March
Okay, nothing to take a picture of & it is almost the end of the day.  I walk into the bathroom & here are two of our cat sleeping on the bath towel my son left down.  Thought they looked cute & took a picture just to have one for the day.

Thursday 31 March
Okay, back to editing pictures on picnik for the school slide show.  This is 1st Quarter Honor Roll field trip.  In the A.C.E. christian school system, field trips are a privilege not a right.  The kids have to earn the privilege to go on them.  At New Hampton Christian School (where I use to work) all day field trips were saved for Honor Roll students.  These six made 1st quarter Honor Roll & were able to go the Kansas City American Royal for a youth Rodeo.  It was a lot of fun.

Friday 1 April
A collage I made for the digital yearbook.  In October the little town of New Hampton (315 population) has Frontier Days.  There is a parade & for the past three years the NH Christian School has enter a float & won 1st place.  This is this year's float.  Theme - Wizard of Oz with a sign that ask - Which road are you on????.

Saturday 2 April
This is the slide I made for the digital yearbook to introduce the elementary class.  I love digital scrap booking.  This was not made on picnik but with Microsoft Digital Image Suite and some digital scrap booking set I bought from A Cherry On Top Scrap booking website.
This is the Jr./Sr. high room #1 intro slide....

... and Jr./Sr. high room #2 intro slide.

That is it for this week.  Hope to take more pictures this coming week.