Saturday, September 15, 2012

365 Pictures week 37; 9-15 September

This has been a crazy week.  I can't believe I went from Sunday to Thursday & didn't take any pictures plus I didn't realize it until Friday UGH!!!!  Oh well, here is what I have to offer, enjoy & hope to do better next week.

Sunday - Thursday 9-13 September

No pictures :-(

Friday 14 September

When my son Josh graduated from high school, a friend's grandma asked for two of Josh's t-shirt that he liked a lot & willing to keep but not wear anymore.  She took those two t-shirts & made a pillow out of them.  Josh was cleaning out his closet & discovered he had a lot of t-shirts that he didn't wear but had sentimental value to him, so he asked Mrs. Mulnix if we could pay her to make a quilt out of those t-shirts & she did.  I delivered the t-shirts to her last Thursday, thinking we would get the quilt  back in time to surprise Josh for Christmas.  Well, she knew Josh was coming home this weekend to hunt to she sewed this wonderful quilt in a week for Josh to have when he came home & take back to college with him.

Saturday 15 September

A couple of pictures for today.  The first one some of you may not like, but it is life here for us.  My son Josh shot his first deer with a bow & arrow this morning.  It was a doe.  Thankful for the meat this will provide for our family this winter.

Later today we celebrated my grand niece Charleigh's 3rd birthday (actual day is tomorrow)  I had the honor of making a Tinkerbell cake for her.

This is my grand niece Charleigh, all excited about her birthday

And this is Carrigan my other grand niece & Charleigh's little sister.  She is 7 months old.

That is my week, short & sweet.  Have a great upcoming week & God bless

Sunday, September 9, 2012

365 Pictures week 36; 2-8 September


Sunday 2 September 2012

No pictures - allergies were giving me fits today, really should have taken a picture of my couch because that is where I spent the day fighting allergies
This will be the last week of deer cam pictures as we have to pull the corn to get ready for bow season.      We do not hunt where the feeders are, but we do hunt on the farm they are on, so we pull them a week before hunting seasons starts.

Monday 3 September 2012

Holiday baking has begun.  I try to start baking cookies & put them in the freezer for Thanksgiving & Christmas for company, family & college kids that come by. I had to make 6 dozen cookies for a church event, so I made extra to put in the freezer for the holidays.  This was the start.  The shallow container will go to church (when filled with 6 dozen of course) & the deeper/bigger one will go to the freezer.  These were chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

One from the deer cam - any want some coons???

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Tomorrow is trash day & recycle day.  I was tying into bundles the magazines, junk mail & newspapers we had to be recycled.  I took one stack out & came back for the other stacks & the cardboard.  This is what I found.
Fuzzy had been by the water bottles you see in the foreground playing with a piece of scrap string.  When I came back into the house she had claimed the cardboard (sitting on it) & one pile of magazines for herself.  Why???  I have no idea.  She made a fuss when I made her give up her treasure.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Deer cam #2 - the fawns are spending more time away from their moms, getting old enough to explore on their own, soon the spots will be gone.

Friday 7 September 2012

Made a new dish tonight call Saucy Pepper Steak served over white rice.  My husband thought it was one of the store bought mixes & was impressed I made it from scratch.  This one is a keeper.  The recipe is at my blog

Saturday 8 September 2012

Last one from the deer cam - the bucks have lost their velvet.  This one still has some velvet hanging on.  You can see it really good in the first picture but I didn't like the blurred doe, so had to add another.

Well that is my week.  Hope everyone had a good one.  See ya next week. God Bless!!