Saturday, March 24, 2012

365 Pictures week 12; 18-24 March

Don't have much to say, we have had a week of beautiful weather, then rainy days, & now back to beautiful again.  Here is my week -

Sunday 18 March
The magnolia tree across the street from our church is in bloom.  I just love seeing this tree in the spring time & decided I better get a picture since the blooming season is very short for this tree.

Monday 19 March
This morning at Ladies Bible Study we celebrated Miss Reva's 91st birthday. 

The ladies that made it to our Bible study this morning.  It was a good group because there was no school & a lot of our ladies are teachers.

Tuesday 20 March
I didn 't take a picture for today, but had a lot from yesterday, so decided to share a couple here

This squirrel is hanging while eating his breakfast

He was going for some more & started reaching in a little to far, his back legs slipped. . .

And he started to fall but quickly flipped around & caught himself.  It was hilarious & also neat to watch him do this over & over & how fast he could catch himself & flip around so he didn't fall all the way to the ground

Wednesday 21 March
Today I finally got to hold & meet my new grand niece Carrigan Elaine Ford.  She was born on 29 Feb. 2012, & she is 3 weeks old.

A picture of my niece-in-law Sarah & her two girls Carrigan (3 weeks) & Charleigh ( 2 1/2yrs).  Three sweet gals.

Of course had to have a picture of me holding my grand niece Carrigan.

Thursday 22 March
Cat picture day, at two of the three.  Nothing much today, stayed home not feeling to well & took it easy, so I took some pics of the cats keeping me company.
Motor letting Josh know he wants to go Turkey hunting too.   He is already to get up early with Josh & the gear.

Fuzzy just wants to expand her knowledge.  Maybe sleeping on Josh's school books will make her smart enough to go to college with Josh & not get stuck at home with the ole folks.

Friday 23 March
Josh went fishing this morning in a neighbor's pond.  He caught 11 bass & 1 crappie.  He through the crappie back, took 9 of the bass to our farm & put in our pond to try to stock it (neighbor was glad, he has way too many) & then brought 2 home to fry up for lunch.

The two that were for lunch

Ready to be cleaned & cooked.

When Josh was cleaning this bass, he found this little minnow inside the bass

Saturday 24 March
My first tulip to bloom this season.  I need to replant for next year, not many came up & only the red ones.

Well, that is my week.  Hope all of you had a great one.  Now to see what is in store for next week.  God bless.