Saturday, April 30, 2011

365 Pictures 24-30 April 2011

Hi Everyone!!!  Hope you had a wonderful week & and blessed Easter.  I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal  Saviour, and that He died on the cross a perfect sinless sacrifice for me and conquer the grave rising 3 days later so I could be in heaven with Him.  That is what Easter means to me.  Now onto my pictures for this past week.

Sunday 24 April, 2011
I hosted the Marshall Family (my in-laws) Easter at my home.  21 family members (2 were missing) & 2 guest made for a wonderful, fun filled Easter.  The last time I had Easter at my home was 7 years ago.  So I have a couple of pictures to share for today.....
My grand niece Charleigh smelling my tulip for the 2nd time & licking the inside (we didn't know until later)

Charleigh's face afterward with pollen on her nose & lips.

The Marshall grand daughters or my nieces - Ali, Casie (niece in-law), Anna, Tricia, Esther holding my grand niece Charleigh, Sarah (niece in-law & Charleigh's mom, & Echo.  All these girls except Ali & Charliegh are sisters/sister-in-laws.  My husband's older brother has 9 kids, 4 girls & 5 boys plus now 2 daughter-in-laws.

Marshall Grandsons - first time we have had all 7 of them together since Christmas 2007.  Wood (my son), Jesse, Elisha, Joel, Josh (my son), Jared & Enoch in front.  From my comment above, these are all brothers except my two.

Monday 25 April, 2011
My day was filled getting ready for Awana award night at church this Wednesday.  I'm the Spark Director, so my job to get the awards organize.  This year we gave out 16 certificates, 18 1st book ribbons (green one), 6 2nd book ribbons (blue one), & 3 3rd book plaques.

Tuesday 26 April, 2011

Wednesday 27 April, 2011
The sun finally came out this week & Grouchy was soaking up all she could in my picture window behind my desk.

When I tried to get a better picture, Grouchy realized I was taking her picture, quickly rolled over & growled at me, giving me a dirty look.  She didn't want her picture taken at that moment.

Thursday 28 April, 2011
Ear Candling Time.  My son Wood, my husband & I did this tonight.  This is my son who is getting his ears cleaned out by "Ear Candling" a natural way to get all the stuff out of your ears, that causes ear aches, blocked hearing, etc.  The candle is made out of bees wax  & yes, you stick the bottom part in your ear then light the top part.  The candle will slowly burn down & draws out wax & gunk of your ear in the bottom part of the candle. You blow it out when about 3 inches  of the candle is left.  We bought these candles from our Chiropractor.  And what is the result......

This is what was drawn out of my husband's ear.  He said later his ear felt clearer on the inside, not full.

Friday 29 April, 2011
Today was muffin day.  My husband likes to take muffins to work for his breakfast.  He leaves at 6:30am & that is too early for him to eat, so he eats breakfast at 9:30 during his morning break & muffins are the easiest to eat.  These are Brown Sugar-Oatmeal Muffins.  This batch has chocolate chips in them.  The next batch was pecans.  The next was cherry flavored crasins & pecans.  I think I ended up making 6 to 8 dozens muffins.  The recipe for these muffins will be on my blog page "Good Cooking", just click on the link on the right side of my home page.

Saturday 30 April, 2011
My oldest son went down to Branson, Missouri to see his brother at college (College of the Ozarks) & go turkey hunting.  They didn't see any turkeys, but they spent the afternoon at the fish hatchery checking out the dam.  As you can see all ten gates are open & have been since Tuesday because they received 17 inches of rain the weekend before,plus more this past week, & the lake was about to go over the dam.  Our son Josh is 5 miles from this dam at college.  His college is on a high bluff so they are safe.  2 miles down from this dam is where my father-in-law has a time share (since my husband was 3yrs old) & they are fine so far, but the houses across the shore from the time share place are half under water.  My heart goes out to those people.

Well, that is my week & I got my pictures done on time.  Hope all of you had a great week.  Look forward to seeing your pictures.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

365 Pictures 17-23 April 2011

Well, another week has gone by way too quickly.  Didn't get to take pictures much this week, been very busy, but we will see what I have

Sunday 17 April
We had our church's Easter cantata Sunday night.  I'm in the front row, 1st on the left.

Monday 18 April
Okay, I didn't have time to take a picture, but the deer cam did.  This deer will be a buck, you can see the buds of his rack starting to poke through on his head.

Tuesday 19 April
I was back at church signing people in for the church directory pictures - last day.  My son knew I really wanted a picture of my tree in our back yard, so he took this for me.  We have had this tree for 4 years, but this is the 1st year it has put out its pink blossoms.  I was soooooooo happy to see them.

Wednesday 20 April
Love our deer cam, great back up when I don't have time to take pictures.

Thursday 21 April
Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Glenda.  This was taken in 1997, only picture I could find of us together.

Motor found Wood's lap top again & his bed was made.

Took Easter supper to my mom in St. Joseph.  She lives in an assistant living home.  This is a picture of my oldest son, me & my mom.

Friday 22 April
YEAH for deer cam!!!!  Saved me again on giving me a great picture on the day I needed it.

Saturday 23 April
This is what I did most of the day, making my niece her Barbie with a blue dress & green flowers on it birthday cake.  Tomorrow we will celebrate Easter with my husband's family at our house & celebrate Ali's 7th birthday that was last week.

Okay there is my week.  Hope everyone had a great week & a wonderful one coming up.