Sunday, May 8, 2011

365 Pictures 1-7 Mayl 2011

Okay, I have lost a week....where did this one go?????????  I don't even know if I took some pictures except for yesterday & this morning, but will go look & see what I can share.

Sunday 1 May
We came home Sunday night from church to see this little bunny mowing our lawn for us.  He let me get within 6 feet to get this shot before running away.

Monday 2 May
This is how you pack up a day.  Two lap tops, my camera, change of clothes for therapy, cross stitch if I have time to work on & nothing to do & a packed lunch.  Our church started revival last night until Wednesday.  Because we live about 25 miles from Bethany (where we do everything) and we had the following today in Bethany, 9:30am I had Women on Mission meeting at church which got done at 11:00am, then my son Wood (who was with me) & I surprised my husband by having lunch with him at his work; next I had physical therapy at 1:00pm & my son    Wood had chiropractor appointment at 1:15pm, dropped my son off at church to hang & do homework while I went & visited a friend who just had surgery then finally met my husband at Subway for supper & on to church for revival.

Tuesday 3 May
Middle part of the sectional becomes a catch all when we are gone every night & day.  I threw my hoodie here to put some other things away then came back to hang it up in about 5 min. or less & this is what I found  Motor loves sleeping on my hoodie when ever I leave it laying around which I try not to do because it gets coated in white cat fur & my hoodie is black.

Wednesday 4 May
About 9:00pm Stephen looked out the front window of our kitchen & saw the county ambulance coming down Main St. (we live on the corner of Main & Thompson).  He watched it go by our house & turn down the street behind us.  As he went to look out our picture window to see where the ambulance went he yelled, the house north west behind us is on fire.  Of course we went out to see what was going on & this is what we saw....
This is one of the very old houses in Gilman City & basically a tinderbox.  We didn't know anyone lived there but found out a lady had been living there off & on & just had electricity hooked up, nothing else.  How the fire started, no one knows but the lady didn't call the fire department or 911, instead she call the ambulance & told them she had been burned (first degree, not bad) & needed help.  The fire department is volunteer & caddy corner to our house.  We beat the fire department to the fire.

Our volunteers finally got the call & worked hard to contain the fire.  There were more abandon houses to the east that would go up instantly if they started & the wind was blowing the fire to the west toward a house where a family lived.  They got it under control, no one was hurt & no other homes lost.

Thursday 5 May
No picture for today

Friday 6 May
Yeah for deer cam or it would have been two days without pictures.  If you look closely you can see the rack on the buck started to form in velvet.  He visited our feeder several times this week so it will be fun to watch his rack develop.

Saturday 7 May
My youngest son Josh goes to College of the Ozarks.  He finished his final this week & was able to come home today until Wednesday.  He has to go back to school to move from the dorm room he is in on the 2nd floor to the one he will be in for the summer on the 3rd floor.  He surprised me when he came home with this beautiful bouquet of yellow roses he stopped to buy on his way home.

That is all for my week.  I guess I got more pictures than I thought.  Hope all of you had a great week.  Can't wait to see your pictures.