Saturday, March 17, 2012

365 Pictures week 10 & 11; 4-17 March

I was hoping to post last week when I was on vacation, but didn't have time, so posting two weeks worth of pics.  It was really hard to decided which one I would pick from my vacation.  This is the first vacation my husband & I have ever taken out of the state of Missouri for longer than 3 days & without our boys in our 23 years of marriage.  We have traveled a lot, my husband with the military, me with the boys & family vacations, just never the two of us.  Soooooo here is my two weeks....

Sunday 4 March
I think Motor is sensing that we are leaving.  As soon as my husband dropped his jeans, Motor ran & laid on them like, mine you can't have them therefore you can't leave the house.

Monday 5 March
No picture, too busy running errands to get things ready for our vacation, but since I have sooooooooo many pics from my vacation, I will share one with you now :-)
One of the many wonderful beach pictures I was able to shoot.  Oh how I miss the ocean, being raised on the coast for 14 1/2 years then the west coast for another 6 1/2 years make one yearn for the water when you are stuck in land lock Missouri.

Tuesday 6 March
No picture, again still busy running errands to get things ready for our vacation but we will be ready by Thursday, again must share from vacation
I love this seagull prints next to a shoe print (not mine).  I didn't see the shoe print when I was taking this picture, concentrating on the seagull's prints

My husband call this the "Bomber Formation".  We watched line, after line of pelicans come into to the ocean, in perfect bomber/fighter position (can you tell my husband was military flyer) to hunt for breakfast.  It was amazing to watch them get so close to the waves, but not get hit.

Wednesday 7 March
Except for a couple of items we are almost packed.  California here we come!!!!

This cute, sleepy, little cowboy is my nephew.  This is one of his favorite pictures of himself.  Today he turn 22.  Happy Birthday Elisha.

Thursday 8 March
YEAH!!!!  We are in California for 5 days!!!!  Oh In-N-Out burger how I have missed you.  My husband has never at In-N-Out burger, so I introduced him to that wonderful pleasure

The flowers are our hotel were BEAUTIFUL!!!  I don't know what this one is, but I loved it.

Bird of Paradise, another thing I miss from California.

Friday 9 March
The main reason we came to California, for the wedding of Jeff & Dawn, two very dear friends of ours.

Another dear friend of mine, Rezvon Moraghi.  She was a guiding voice in my teen years.

F.O.C.U.S. (Focusing on Christ, Unity & Service) The college/career bible study group, Jeff & is 1st wife Ruth, started at First Baptist Church of Vista, where my husband & I met.  Ruth went to be with the Lord 3 years ago.  This is the first reunion of the group which started around 1986 & went until around 1995.  Stephen was in the group from 1986 - 1988.  I joined in 1988, once we got married we had to move to the "married couples" Bible study. 

Saturday 10 March 
My home from June 1982 to Aug 1986 on Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base.  Really in 24 years it has not changed except the trees are bigger.

My grand Uncle Don Jones.  Last time I saw him I was 14 1/2 yrs old.  It has almost been 30 yrs.

My grand Uncle Gordon & Grand Aunt Kae Jones.  I last saw them back in 2003 at my grandmother's funeral.  Glad is was a happy occasion this time.

My 2nd cousin Dianne & her husband Gary.  She is Uncle Don's youngest daughter who I last saw 30 years ago.  She is moving to Arkansas this spring about 6 hours south of me, so maybe we can see each other a little more.

My 2nd cousin Doris & her husband Steven.  She is Uncle Don's oldest daughter & again it has been 30 years.  What is funny is that there are 3 kids in the middle between Doris & Dianne, Robert, Dona & Debbie & I have never met them.  Hopefully someday, may have to make a trip to Oregon to make that happen.
Sunday 11 March
My "Adoptive Mom" (not legally) Marsha & her husband Roger.  We met in California & she lives 3 hours north of my in Iowa.  She & Roger happened to be in California on vacation when we were, so we made sure we saw each other.

Marsha's mom - Nonnie to me.  She lives in California.

My home off base from Aug 1984 to June 1986.  This has changed, it wasn't fenced in & no palm trees when I lived there.

Mr. Frigon & his son Matt.  Matt & I went to high school together along with his brother Chip.  Mrs. Frigon died a year ago of cancer.  The Frigon's were another set of "adoptive" parents for me during my teen & college years.  It has only been 11 years since I saw them last, but still that is a lifetime to me.
Monday 12 March
Time to head back to Missouri & part of me didn't want to go.  One last drive in the morning to see a couple more important places before we head to the airport.
The church that my husband, Stephen & I met at.  It use to be called First Baptist Church of Vista, but they changed the name.  Our college/career Sunday school met where the upper windows are.

If you go straight behind the apartment with the hedge on the ground in the center left of the picture, you will see our first apartment.  The motorcycle is parked where we had to park our car.

Heading back to Missouri.  Flying over the mountains between California & Denver, Colorado.

Tuesday 13 March 
I didn't take a picture today, so a couple more from the vacation
Australian Fern at our hotel.  This is what the leaves/palms look like as they grow & stretch out to make the plant

A new shoot/branch growing on the Australian Fern 

Wednesday 14 March 
Came home & hit the ground running with work & activities.  When I left I had helped planned a church event for our Women on Missions group.  We are serving lunch today at the Baptist Student Union at North Central Missouri College.  When I left I knew of  8 to 10 ladies that were going to help serve.  When I arrived at church to load up the food & other things we needed we were down to 4 ladies helping.  We still had a great time.  The picture was taken by a student at the college while I worked.  I'm in the green shirt.

Thursday 15 March 
no picture today, time went by way too fast but I did take this one on Friday, & decided to share it here because. . . . (see Friday to see why)

Friday 16 March 
My husband came home from work (works at Wal-mart) with a surprise for me
These beautiful flowers.  He loved seeing the flowers while we were in California, so he was happy to see ones out for sale here in Missouri.
There was more to the surprise, my husband sent me in the house, grabbed my oldest son, who was home on spring break, & taught him how to plant flowers.  It was a wonderful surprise & a lesson learned by my son for his future wife (if she likes flower gardens).

Saturday 15 March 
I went to a women "Day of Encouragement" at a hunting retreat.  The owners go to our church.  It was a morning session & a great time.  Of course the lodge was full of animal mounts so I had to share one that I thought was unique - the huge buck still in velvet (which means he died of natural causes, can't hunt deer around here when they are in velvet)

Also had to post a pic of my flowers that were planted yesterday.  Didn't my hubby & son do a great job?  I think so & this little spot will brighten my day every time I look at it.

Well, that is my two weeks worth.  Hope everyone had a great week.  Looking forward to seeing the pictures.