Saturday, October 8, 2011

365 Pictures 11 September - 8 October

I'm back.!!!  I think it has been close to three weeks since I was able to post.  It seems the last couple of weekends I have been gone & once I had time the week was half way through.  It has been a great time but didn't get a picture taken everyday.  Here is what I have to show for my time spent.  Looking forward to see what I have missed with the rest of the groups pictures.  Have a great week!!!.

Sunday 11 September 2011
Sunday after church I went on my 2nd mission trip to Joplin, Missouri with my church to help with more clean up.  There was about 18 to 20 people in our group.  Sunday evening we drove around to show damage for team members for time & to see what had been done in restoration for returning team members.
This is the high school.  It was a blessing that the graduation ceremony was being held at a nearby college; if not this is where the graduation ceremony would have been.

These eagles were carved out of damaged trees from the tornado.  The other neat thing is this sign use to say Joplin High School, now with the help of duck tape is says HopE High school.  The high school is being built in a new location.

 Monday 12 September 2011
My group of four ladies spent the morning fixing up the inside of a house.  I learned how to mud sheet rock.  We were located in the middle of the destruction zone & what was really freaky was all 4 tornado sirens went off while we were working.  Just a test but it made us quickly drop what we were doing & look outside.

We stayed at the First Christian Church in Carthage.  Monday evening we went for a walk around town.  This is the courthouse in Carthage, Missouri.

  Tuesday 13 September 2011
The next day we work on helping restore the inside & outside of a house.  Here I'm racking up debris, glass, parts of trees, Christmas ornaments, etc.  We also did weeding on the outside & put up sheet rock inside the entire downstairs of the house in the picture below.

Our mission team after two hard days of work.  Hope to be going back in March for some more clean up.

 Friday 16 September 2011
This is my sweet niece Charleigh Danielle Ford.  Today was here 2nd birthday. This picture was taken yesterday but wanted to posted it on her birthday.

Saturday 17 September 2011
This is my nephew Jared, his wife Sarah & their daughter Charleigh.  They had a big family/friend birthday party tonight to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  Also Charleigh will be getting a brother or sister in February 2012.

Monday 19 September 2011
One from the deer cam.  This buck was so nice to give us a profile shot.  Because the oak trees are dropping acorns - the deer are coming less & less to the corn feeder.

Wednesday 21 September 2011
Getting a nap in before going to Awana tonight.  Hubby took this one of me & Grouchy being cuddle buddies.  Once in awhile she will sleep between our pillows, but very rare will she get up close, she must have been cold.

Thursday 22 September 2011
I took school pictures for the New Hampton Christian School, where I use to work.  This is a very small school 20 students between grade 3rd - 12th, that is on its 6th year of operation.  Here is one of the collages I worked on today for one of the families to order.

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 September 2011
My two sons & I took a road trip to Arkansas for the 14th annual Edgmon Family reunion.  My husband had to work so he couldn't go with us.  My 3rd great grandfather  William T. Edgmon was born & raised in Tennessee.  At the time of the Civil War he had 12 children ages 20 to about 6 months old.  He & his oldest son James fought & were captured.  William died & James survived.  James came home, packed up his mother & siblings & moved them the Ozark Mountains to a little place call Mossville.  James & half of his siblings stayed in the mountains & still have family there.  The other half of James siblings moved to Oklahoma & Texas, one of them being my 2nd great grand father Daniel Sellers Edgmon.  I'm the first of Dainel's decedents to make it back to the family homestead for the reunion.  It was a lot of fun & we look forward to going next year.

This is the family church built in 1925 in Mossville, Arkansas.  It was built at a circuit rider church & is still a circuit rider church today.  The pastor comes on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month.  Behind the church is the Edgmon family cemetery & my 2nd great grand Uncle James B Edgmon is buried there.

Wild Elk herd in the valley below the family church.  These are all cows (females).  The bull (male ) was close by.  It is mating season, so he was rounding up his herd.

About a mile down the road the cow elk was by herself eating

My son could have stuck his arm out the front passenger window & touched her.

Monday 26 September 2011
This morning our Women on Mission group folder 100 boxes for Samaritan Purse's shoebox collection. Our family fill 4 of these shoe boxes every year.  We had a blast taking our boys shopping for the items.  Last year was my first year not having my boys home to shop with me so I borrowed two kids from a friend at church.  Can't wait to fill the boxes this year.  It is a lot of fun.  If you wonder what I'm talking about message me & I will explain.

Thursday 29 September 2011
It is harvest time.  This is our soy bean field about 1/4 harvested.  When my husband had mornings off, he would go help his dad harvest the crops.  Our beans were done by Saturday.

Our combine with the bean head on it.

Saturday 1 Oct 2011
One more deer shot, another buck

Sunday 2 Oct 2011
This picture was taken 38 years ago when my little sister Jennifer Louise came into our family.  I was 5 1/2 years old.  Happy Birthday Jenny

Wednesday 5 Oct 2011
I use to draw when I was 9 & 10yr olds.  If I have something to look at & it is not a person, I can usually draw it.  I'm have found some time to draw at my morning tutor job, basically while the 4th grader does his work & doesn't need my help.  So I drew this turtle from a nature magazine with a "You Can Draw" section this week & finished it today.  First time I have drawn in 33 years.

Thursday 6 Oct 2011
This was taken a week ago but today is my niece Esther Ruth's 20th b-day.  Tomorrow we are going shopping in the city.

Friday 7 Oct 2011
I was able to draw another picture.  The turtle is being mailed to a little boy we sponsor in India.  This one will be going to a little girl we sponsor in Cambodia.  I'm really enjoying my drawing time

Saturday 8 Oct 2011
Today my husband & I went to the 90th birthday party of his Grand Aunt Kathryn Urton on his mother's side of the family.  She is sitting on the right.  This is a picture of her with her six children.  It was a nice party with a lot of family in attendance.

Well, that is my three weeks.  I'm going to Texas this up coming weekend to see family, so I hope to be able to post on Tuesday when I get back if not see ya in two weeks.