Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 Pictures 13-19 Jan

Well, it has been a good & busy week.  I subbed a lot so I didn't think I took that many pictures, but I did, 5 out of 7.  Here is my week.

Sunday 13 Jan, 2013

I had planned to make a bunch of peanut brittle for my boys while they were home, but it didn't happen, So then I was going to make some for Josh to take back to school, since he went back first, again didn't happen (not use to working outside the homes so much). So this afternoon, I made a batch of peanut brittle to send to my son Josh at college.  YEAH!!!  Wood is home for another two weeks, then I will make some for him to take to college with him.  This is really good peanut brittle & easy to make.  I will have the recipe at my blog

Monday 14 Jan, 2013

YEAH!!!! Mom bought herself new shoes which means we have boxes in the house again.  I think this shoe box was empty maybe 5 min before it was fill with a cat.  Grouchy is very happy right now.

Tuesday 15 Jan, 2013

Okay I subbed Kindergarten today & also got to play with another setting on my new camera.  This is the room I was in all day.  My new camera has a setting called "Sparkle".  Notice how the metal on the chairs has little "flairs" or "stars" to them.  The camera added those when I took this picture in "Sparkle Mode"  I tried this mode on some people & the only thing that had a flare was the light in the picture, so I guess it adds "flares" to shiny or lighted things.  

Wednesday 16 Jan, 2013

no picture, so I used one from the deer came.  I chose this one because of the sun coming up behind the does in the trees.

Thursday 17 Jan, 2013

no picture again, but here is another one from the deer cam, it is a FOX!!.  We knew we had some foxes on our farm, but they are hard to get a picture of two fast for the camera.  I was happy to see this pic.

Friday 18 Jan, 2013

Cats - my cats - one of the regular items/people/children in my life.  Cat photo shoot at 10:00pm - mainly because I didn't have a picture for today & didn't like have three days in a row with no pictures.  Then it turned into a photo shoot as my son took a couple more pictures.  
Getting ready for the nightly play with mice after parents are in bed.

Grouchy decided to lay down & look cute for the camera

Motor, If she can look cute, I can look cuter

Saturday 19 Jan, 2013

This is a peanut butter cake cooked in a BIG coffee mug in the microwave.  I saw this on Facebook from a friend & decided to try it out.  It took 1 1/2 min. to cook.  The recipe is here

Well, that is my week.  I can't believe I have two weeks left then off to Africa for 3 weeks.  Hope all of you had a great week.