Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365 Jan 1-28th

My dear friend Lori asked me to join the 365 project.  It is a project of trying to take a picture every day of what is going on in your life, what you see, what you think is important, etc.  I had already started this on FB, so I'm continuing it here.  I haven't taken a picture everyday, but here is what I have done.  Enjoy!!

Jan 1
My son Josh, home on Christmas break.  While looking for something in my closet, found his dad's flight helmet instead & decided to have some fun with it.

Jan 2
My Hallmark Christmas Snowman collection plus a Snoopy & Woodstock (didn't make a snowman that year)  One last look before being put away until next Christmas.

Jan 3
Stripes aka Grouchy.  Trying to sleep on the towel we have by the front door for snowy shoes.  She is not to lady like most of the time.

Jan 5
The other two four legged "children" Motor (grey & white) & Fuzzy aka AD.  Nap time

Jan 6
Stripes got a little cold today.  She started half under the towel & my husband Stephen helped her cover up the rest of the way.  Spoiled kitty.

Jan 10
Taking down my Christmas tree & recording my ornaments via pictures.  This one is from when I was in Jr. High school, early 80's.

Jan 13
Stripes & Motor on my side of the bed.  This is what happens if I get dressed before I make my bed. 

Jan 14
Another day of Motor beating me to my bed.

Jan 15
Last day of taking down the Christmas tree.  Tigger & Roo.  Tigger is my favorite Pooh character.  Disney Tigger was created the year I was born.

Jan 20
Icicles on my front porch

Jan 22
My husband Stephen trying to get our taxes done & Stripes helping him (ha)

Jan 23
A little birdie paid our porch a visit early this morning in the new, fresh fallen snow

Jan 24
What are you looking at?  Momma cardinal feeding in the snow at our bird feeder.

Jan 28
Turtle dove wanting to land.  There were three doves already on the ground by the feeder & this one wanted to land, but every time it hit the snow it would come right back up and try again.  After several attempts, it gave up & went back into our trees above the feeders.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still learning

I was asked almost a year ago to start a blog page & start with pictures about my trip to Haiti.  I was too busy then, so I didn't.  The recently a friend ask me to join a blog she was doing about trying to take a picture everyday of the year & post it (I started doing on FB).  So here I am, with a lot of time on my hands & trying this "blogging" thing out.  Hopefully I will learn quickly, get my pictures up & yes Joann by blog about my Haiti trip.