Sunday, May 27, 2012

365 Pictures week 21 20-26 May 2012

Okay, this was NOT a good week for pictures.  It was a good, busy week but not much to show so here we go. . .

Sunday - Wednesday 20-23 May

no pics (this is really sad)

Thursday 24 May

My son Wood was able to purchase a 30 caliber carbine also know as a M1A1 carbine from a friend.  This gun was used in WWII, and yes he can still use it if he wants to for hunting or target shooting.

Friday 25 May

This morning my older son Wood & I hit the road at 6:00am to go to College of the Ozarks to help pack up his brother & bring his stuff home for the summer.  It is a 4 1/2 hour drive one way.  The guys brought the stuff down from the 3rd floor while I packed it into my jeep & my other son, Josh's, car.  This is Wood carrying down some of the small stuff to be randomly stuff anywhere it fit.  He is holding to Nerf guns & wearing a Calvary hat with a Russian winter cap on top of that.

Saturday 26 May

Josh & I hit the road this time to head to Des Moines, Iowa for a friend's, son's high school graduation ceremony & reception.  This trip was 1 1/2 hour one way.  This is a picture of Garrett Nelson & my son Josh at the reception.  They have been good friends since elementary school.

front of quilt

back of quilt
To make up for lack of pictures this week, here is one I took today of a quilt I made for my son Josh about 4 years ago.  I always take a picture of my finish projects, but for some reason missed his quilt. So while it is home (took to college) I quickly snapped one today.  The quilt is made out of old jeans that my boys, husband & other family members have worn.  On the farm, front of jeans get worn out before the back of jeans, so when a pair is to torn up to wear anymore they are given to me, who washes them & salvages any part of the jean I can for going into a quilt.

Okay that is all for this week.  I planned to do better on my picture taking, especially since I will be taking picture of a wedding on Saturday. Have a great week & God Bless